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Aakas Instance FAQ

Discussion in 'Instances' started by Lizzy, May 4, 2015.

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    Aakas Instance FAQ

    What is Aakas?
    Aakas in an instance/dungeon located in on planet side Arkadia near the Aakas teleporter.

    What is inside the Aakas?
    Inside there are mobs that you need to kill, with two or more bosses. There are several rooms and corridors with creatures you need to kill to advance deeper into the instance. Once you killed the last mobs inside the instance you can continue to the last room where there is a teleporter to bring you back to the outside of the entrance.

    How do I get inside Aakas?

    1 - In order to enter you need to have an Arkadian Mini Key in possession.
    2 - You need to be in a team. You can make a team and be alone in it, you will still be able to loot the chest if you are alone in a team.

    To make a team : Right click the screen -> System -> Team

    How do I get a key?
    1 - You can craft your own keys. The blueprint for Arkadian Key 1 is sold in the Technician Terminal. The materials can be found when mining for treasure or bought from the auction house.
    2 – You can buy a key from the auction house.

    How do I get an Arkadian Mini Key?
    The Mini Keys are used to enter Aakas. To get one, you need to go to the NPC inside the Aakas cave with a full TT Arkadian Key and trade it with him. By trading the key you will get a 0,01ped Arkadian Mini Key, and the rest of the TT of the key refunded in Universal Ammo. There is also a 1-5% chance you will also get an Alpha Core Card.

    How do I find the entrance to the instance/dungeon?

    From the teleporter if you look North North/West you see a hill with a Riptor’s Head. You enter the Riptor’s head and walk down the pathway.

    How long does it take to clear the instance?

    The Aakas instances are significantly longer than Sal’Diresh’s Vaults. If you are not familiar with Vaults, on average Aakas 1 can take up to 30-45 minutes to run, depending on skill level and knowledge of the instance. You are given 2 hours or more to clear it, depending on the difficulty. So there is plenty of time to mess up.

    How difficult is it to run?
    The difficulty is similar to the Sal’Diresh’s Vaults instances. If you are not familiar with those, start at the easiest instance and work your way up to a difficulty that suits your skills best. There are 10 difficulties, and each have a variety of creatures.

    What can I expect in loot from Aakas?
    Currently known (to me) are Arkoins, S&B weaponry, ESI’s, Mindforce Attack Chips mostly limited but also unlimited versions have been recorded dropping, unlimited melee weapons, unlimited armors, Shrapnel and some typical creature loots like hides, oils, extractors, etc.

    What are Golden Key parts?

    Each number of the instances drop one type of Golden Key parts. These are valuable items that can be sold for good MU, or you can choose to keep them. These parts are used in a blueprint combined with 50k sweat to create a Golden Key. This Golden Key is used to open door #11, a special ‘aakas end-game’ instance where you can find great treasure like rare unlimited armors. (DKoA / Sand Stormer)

    Are there missions for the creatures inside?
    Yes there are. At all the IFN mission terminals scattered over Planet Arkadia there is an ACA representative. This NPC gives you all the missions of the creatures you can find inside the Aakas instance.

    More info about the instances can be found here:

    If there are any more questions about the Aakas instances, information or errors in my FAQ that needs to be changed, please post below.
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