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A 'Teleporter Tour' of Arkadia Moon

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Mutant Atrax Stalker, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. Mutant Atrax Stalker

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    Mastermesh, please hold my beer:

    Teleporter Tour of the new moon just checking out the layout and setup.

    Entropia 2018-09-04 17.43.38.jpg

    Keep your eyes open on the way in! It's the big ball of cheese on the right. Plenty of pictures of the moon from space floating around. Here are a few notes from looking around today.

    Entropia 2018-09-04 23.01.42.jpg

    Alpha Portal:

    68 seconds walk from TP to service center at the first staircase. 25 seconds run.

    Entropia 2018-09-04 23.07.05.jpg Entropia 2018-09-04 23.07.10.jpg

    15 terminals here

    No position to craft/store/trade/auction

    No position to craft and anything crafting is totally distant.

    One position to trade / store / auction.

    I didn't really go into the side buildings on this trip but I visited this one that is visible outside the gate:

    Entropia 2018-09-04 23.17.36.jpg Entropia 2018-09-04 23.18.28.jpg

    There are 14 terminals here. There are also some odd barriers and you can't move freely around the terminals, which are floating in the air. Looks like a few NPCs are "high" on something, too.

    Apparently there are some more invisible barriers. You can't reach any terminal while crafting and you have to walk around to get to them from the crafting terminals. I'm assuming the barriers are a visual glitch but the positioning is relevant.

    There is one position to auction and storage.

    There is one position to trade and storage.

    No position to auction/trade or auction/trade/storage.

    Entropia 2018-09-04 23.27.19.jpg

    Beta Portal :

    One item of note here the tower.

    Entropia 2018-09-04 23.36.41.jpg Entropia 2018-09-04 23.36.45.jpg Entropia 2018-09-04 23.37.34.jpg Entropia 2018-09-04 23.40.12.jpg

    Repair, Storage Trade and Quest terminals. I didn't notice a change on Ark terminals lately not sure if "quest" instead of "mission" implies anything.

    There's a round spot on the floor I think it was a televator before but, inert now.

    Entropia 2018-09-04 23.43.07.jpg Entropia 2018-09-04 23.43.10.jpg

    Other than that it's pretty barren here. 34 seconds walk back to the portal.

    Entropia 2018-09-04 23.45.15.jpg
    Gamma Portal:

    There's a little more going on here.

    34 seconds walk from the portal we have an auxiliary service center setup like the one outside alpha base.

    In this one you can see there is no floating NPC party but there's a platform visible so the terminals don't float. Everything else is floating and the invisible wall is there.

    Entropia 2018-09-04 23.47.10.jpg Entropia 2018-09-04 23.47.50.jpg

    Identical terminal arrangement. No place to address all tasks and crafting is 100% isolated.

    3 minute and 31 second walk to the threshold of the dome.
    Entropia 2018-09-04 23.51.23.jpg Entropia 2018-09-04 23.51.37.jpg Entropia 2018-09-04 23.51.44.jpg Entropia 2018-09-04 23.52.45.jpg Entropia 2018-09-04 23.53.24.jpg

    Entropia 2018-09-04 23.53.44.jpg

    I didn't get a time to walk to the building in the center because it's surrounded by a lake of yellow gak.

    Entropia 2018-09-04 23.59.23.jpg Entropia 2018-09-04 23.59.53.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.00.00.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.00.21.jpg
    Entropia 2018-09-05 00.00.47.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.01.29.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.00.24.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.02.07.jpg

    It's not deep but it looks nasty Atrax probably smells now.

    I never found a way out I hit "T" and wound up in a service center identical to the one in Alpha, with some moved NPCs

    Entropia 2018-09-05 00.08.17.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.08.45.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.09.46.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.10.38.jpg

    You can see it's on the roof of the warehouse or whatever I walked by on the way to the dome. A quick look around shows us who's responsible for this environmental travesty:

    Entropia 2018-09-05 00.11.06.jpg

    I never did see a way to walk to the middle of the dome so I hit a TP chip. I targeted dead center of the dome and got this:

    Entropia 2018-09-05 00.14.53.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.16.02.jpg

    Coordinates there show I could move a little and equip items but no change solid yellow visual. i TPd out and I now assume based on elevation I was floating in a pool of the yellow gak from the moat.

    I got all the way out and decided to fly in.

    Entropia 2018-09-05 00.23.20.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.24.24.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.24.37.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.24.42.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.24.51.jpg
    Entropia 2018-09-05 00.25.28.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.25.36.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.26.14.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.26.48.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.27.53.jpg

    Well this is clearly the nasty part of the atmospheric management or terraforming system.

    I put on my chat so you could see coords, pics start at about 960m above the storm, come down through the eye, end up on the side as it things and then enters the dome.

    I probably could have swum up in the yellow place I think it was the bottom of that whole thing which is a giant cooling tank or whatever is required. I flew around a bit but didn't see any hatch or door or invitation to land.

    I caught a last arial view of the plant on my way back to the portal. You can see the big dome at Neutron from here.

    This thread is far from what it started as, but here we go:

    Entropia 2018-09-05 00.30.36.jpg

    Neutron Portal:

    Entropia 2018-09-05 00.43.59.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.44.06.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.44.17.jpg

    This dome is huge. I already know that's apartments over there let's have a look.

    Entropia 2018-09-05 00.46.44.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.46.58.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.47.08.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.47.45.jpg

    One minute 35 seconds walk from the portal to the entrance, I dodged a couple tres but went straight through water and grass instead of walking the road.

    Entropia 2018-09-05 00.51.39.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.51.04.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.50.12.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.50.06.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.50.00.jpg

    One set of 6 terminals here, three sets of 8.

    At the set of 6 you can do trade and storage auction is too far from either. The sets of 8 are the same with 2 added crafting terminals. No place to craft/trade, craft/auction, craft/storage, or auction storage.

    I don't know if the NPCs are the same but I LOL'd it looks like release notes saying "removed interactive" just means they're all named colonist now. Here's a closer look at the televator in the middle:

    Entropia 2018-09-05 00.56.52.jpg

    I went straaight to the top level 19. IT's a big open plaza with 4 duplicate terminal sets.

    Entropia 2018-09-05 00.58.54.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 00.58.56.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.00.04.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.00.29.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.00.42.jpg

    The 5 terminal blocks are all reachable, you can auction, store, and trade.

    Crafting, apparently, is for complete loners with everything in carried inventory at all times. I'm very put off by this. TBH.


    Entropia 2018-09-05 01.06.10.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.06.17.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.06.45.jpg
    Entropia 2018-09-05 01.07.12.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.07.15.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.07.37.jpg
    Entropia 2018-09-05 01.07.39.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.09.49.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.10.20.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.10.13.jpg

    Looks like the holo feature is ark as a globe. The whole top of the tower connects an 8 spoked bridge system about mid-height of the dome.

    Level 18 is a big empty floor you can look out and at the bottom of the bridges but no terminals or skydiving.

    Entropia 2018-09-05 01.17.21.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.17.09.jpg

    Make sure you click on the ring around the base of the televator not the shiny column or center of the floor.

    Floor 01 - 17 are identical from the lobby.

    Entropia 2018-09-05 01.19.44.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.19.40.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.19.34.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.20.58.jpg

    No response from the estate terminal. From the lobby these look like shops, 3 per floor. From inside, they look like giant palatial apartments. I only went in one unit so I have no idea what variety may be hiding here.

    Here's a quick look in one unit on level 15:

    Entropia 2018-09-05 01.21.06.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.21.08.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.21.14.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.21.16.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.21.27.jpg
    Entropia 2018-09-05 01.21.40.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.22.04.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.22.19.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.22.34.jpg Entropia 2018-09-05 01.22.49.jpg

    OK that was exhausting. I may add more thoughts to this later. I started doing this, then I decided to update the post on the way. IT got a little out of control ;)

    Right now this is probably my largest EU related forum post ever and certainly the most pictures. Anyone who follows these forums knows that saying that means a lot ROFL.

    I know there is at least one more style of outpost and other stuff going on but that's the basic tour of the 4 main points on the map. Before I add any more text I'm going to find out if the forum will let me post this at all.
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  2. Mutant Atrax Stalker

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    I cannot believe that this forum accepted those attachments, much let me make a single post like that.

    My appreciation for this forum software grew tremendously today.

    Entropia 2018-09-05 01.44.11.jpg

    Back off to space to play with the pirates :cowboy:
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  3. Spawn

    Spawn Active Member

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    and all that from the ancient nvidia tnt2 graphics card!
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  4. Mutant Atrax Stalker

    Mutant Atrax Stalker Active Member

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    Lol no way man. This is cutting edge stuff.

    Intel's the best right? :p

    I'm pretty sure I have twice the (shared) RAM of a TNT2 :stats:

    No seriously though I have EU on a little box with a n4200 and intel 505 in it atm. (kodlix/beelink ap42)

    Safe Mode FTW!

    If you want to see all the glows and sparkles ark studios loves you have to visit yourself :angel:

    Edit: Thinking about trading my Onewheel+ for a nice PC though if anyone's in AZ.
  5. the Prophet

    the Prophet Active Member

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    hey, you can get an AMD Polaris GPU that doesn't even need extra power (bc 75W only) for less than 100 bucks, and it enables you to play EU on max settings. good eyecandy doesn't make you fat! ;)
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  6. Mutant Atrax Stalker

    Mutant Atrax Stalker Active Member

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    :) I'm ok with it.

    It's funny when I started EU I had an awesome computer. Over time my needs changed, and when the motherboard blew on that I was able to trade the rest of the parts for 5 'normal' desktops. I used one of those to play for a long time and recently I've ditched every single PC in my house (also my roommate's) for these little tiny boxes:

    I have 3 of 3 z83-5 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06Y1S3RYV/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    1 of BT3- Pro http://www.bee-link.com/Beelink-MiniPC-TV-BOX-67-1.html

    And 4 of AP-42 I can't find anywhere since nobody's making it this year. that's the same was the BT3- Pro pretty much but with Pentium n4200 and Intel 505.

    As of 2017 no more win XP here, and all of these computers are taking less voltage than any two (in some cases one) of the PCs that were here.

    This n42 can run medium graphics and low draw distance on a quiet area. I can do low graphics usually moving around with almost no lag. But since that first PC with SLI GTX cards in it, I have almost always played full time in safe mode with long draw distance. Very low lag, I was able to play at the hogglo event on this box.

    Thanks for the advice but, priorities yo. I've depo'd enough this year to buy a couple of nice PCs :) Also if I choose I can render high at 4k, but it gets laggy.

    Probably TMI but, main battlestation:

    battle station2.jpg

    Celeste quarry all graphics "high" and rendered 3840 x 2160. As for why I didn't switch for the pics, well I'm literally so used to seeing EU via safe mode that I forgot, TBH. those black rectangles are edits sorry blacked out some items on the desk.

    Still, they serve a good purpose. Gives people an idea about the setup and the scenery and still leaves them something to look forward to.
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