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Suggestion A new mob: Ospramite

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by Few Scars, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Few Scars

    Few Scars Administrator Staff Member PAF Administrator Arkadia Adviser

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    Hi Dev team

    I was thinking of another new mob. This one could be like a termite. They look like eight legged small bugs, about the size of a Gibnib or the flying insects on Calypso. They would live in mounds of Ospra residue which they live on, like the termite mounds, exiting via small holes in the mound. When hunting them, you have to be quick. Undisturbed they move slowly, allowing the hunter a good shot, but once agroed, they move very fast and irratically making it hard to hit them.

    Name: Ospramite
    Levels: Young Level 10 - Stalker Level 70
    Damage: 50% Impact, 40% Burn, 10% Acid
    Loot: Due to difficulty, it would drop a rare pure black insect hide, making a pure black leather. Also dropping black paint.

    The mounds would spawn where these Ospramites spawn, making finding them a reasonable chance. Spawns last 1 hour and then respawn in a totally different location due to the highly volitile nature of this insect.

    As a bonus, once every now and then a large Ospramite mound will spawn with an enterance big enough for an avatar(s) to enter. It will behave like an instance, down through multiple tunnels fighting off many levels of Ospramite. If you get through in under an hour, you will find the Queen Ospramite (Level 50, but high HP), who always drops something nice.

  2. Cyborg Bill

    Cyborg Bill Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    hehe make em realy bouncy and hard to target like the igni on Calypso.. would be great reason to skill grenades for sure.

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