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8 Coins News - BIG Rewards program

Discussion in 'About Planet Arkadia' started by ArkadiaBot, Jun 19, 2014.

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    In the true spirit of Arkadia Studios to develop new content and bring new and exciting developments in partnership with the community to Arkadians, we would like to announce a new program in trial phase.
    BIG Industries has owned and operated Land Area’s within the Entropia Universe for years, and continued to develop new programs and events to add their own layer of excitement to the Entropia Universe Experience.
    Arkadia Studios and BIG Industries have teamed up to implement their existing BIG Rewards program, weekly events, and a soon to come monthly progressive competition across the 8 Coins land areas.
    For additional information on these programs please visit EntropiaLife.com at the following links.

    BIG Rewards Program
    Earn Points from Mining and Hunting Globals redeemable for in game and real world prizes

    Overcharged Weekly Grinder
    Most Globals Competition across all land areas involved
    For any questions with regard to these programs and events feel free to contact Meculus on Arkadia Forum or EntropiaLife.com
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    No mention of la6 QQ

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