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Suggestion 8 Coins Hq Building

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by juliane, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. juliane

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    Dear developer,

    I know you wanted to fix the 8 Coins HQ building somehow. Even when I dont know what you wanted to fix. It was never laggy.
    I appreciate it that the terminals are now all available on one spot and I dont have to run to the other side of the building for the trade terminal.

    But, could you please make it 2 spots again? One on each side with terminals? So it is not so crowded?
    The other thing is.. I loved this spot absolutely because it was the only spot (i know of), that allows "outside" crafting with kinda sun (because of the transparent glas) and view on the pretty sea.
    Thats now not anymore the case, as the crafting terminal is where the wall begins, sure I could move the ava a little around, but it is not the same as before, especialy since the glas of the building seems to be of a very dark brown, so even if the sun shines it looks like late evening.

    Sure this is no realy bug and will not have prior, but would be nice if you could look into it when you have a little time :)

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