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5th quarterly swunt and giveaway extravaganza (SAGE V)

Discussion in 'Events' started by light cerealkiller revant, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. light cerealkiller revant

    light cerealkiller revant Member

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    brought to you by cypherman cypherman cypherman, pedtoclick.com, orpheus clay blades, BIG industries, and many other generous private AUD holding avatars comes the event some of you have been waiting for on sat may 20th. the extravaganza starts with free warps, then gear gets handed out, followed by swunting wombanas, afterwards sweat buying, hunting togolosi, and ending with more free warps. the exact itinerary will be as follows

    on calypso assembley begins under warp commander light cerealkiller revant(CK) at boreas teleporter
    on rocktropia assembly begins under warp commander cody cody bornfree at CND lagoon teleporter
    on cyrene assembly begins under warp commander darwi dar odrade at 0x101 supply depot
    on next island assembly begins under warp commander archon reaver blade at shepherd beach

    21:25-summons via teams of the warp commanders on cyrene and next island

    21:35-summons via teams of the warp commanders on rocktropia and calypso

    21:45-make sure all get from arkadia station to arkadia

    22:00-everyone is issued a herman ark-0 and 3 ped ammo via AUTHORIZED team leaders at fire crystal (if you are not in the event chat channel you are not authorized please do not make a team)

    22:15-23:45-swunt wambana in teams of 8

    23:45-up to 3000 vibrant sweat will be purchaced from each player at premium rate of 2.5/k

    0:00-0:45 reform at wonderland in teams of 12 to hunt some togolosi

    1:00 those wising to return to calypso or rocktropia will be summoned from CK's team at celeste outpost.

    now to answer the questions im sure everyone will be asking me. the loot and weapon are yours to keep.
    all donations will be accepted. take part in any part you like feel free to show up just for hunt or just for swunt, but please do not take the gear and logout/leave without even sweating. the only restrictions of participation are those who have previously been banned from BIG events and those on CK's ignore list.
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  2. Morgoth

    Morgoth Member

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    awesome event idea, glad to see your keepin it going
  3. Quintas Quackdaz Farmer

    Quintas Quackdaz Farmer New Member

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    I will endeavor to be there. Barring any unforeseen circumstances.

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