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2 questions about depositing..please help!

Discussion in 'Deposits and Withdrawals' started by edenlin18, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. edenlin18

    edenlin18 New Member

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    I am about to deposit a large amount money into EU,
    and I want to deposit via bank transfer.

    So the questions are..
    1. how long does it take after wire the money from the bank til I get PEDs in EU?
    2. I know that MindArk will not charge people who use bank transfer, but I think the bank will, so I was wondering normally how much a bank will charge you for wire transfer? Does it vary depends on how much you wire? I live in California, and will probably wire the money from BoA or Wellsfargo!

    Need some experts to answer my question please!!
    Thank you!!
  2. Bandido

    Bandido Member

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    my experience buying PED has been very smooth. the account is credited instantly after the transaction. you recieve in game and e-mail confirmation. my bank doesn't charge me for it.

    if you were to buy lets say $ 30.00 worth of PED and the rate is 10 PED for one Dollar but the game will charge you a small fee so you will end up with 289 PEDS as an example..........oh, I am not an expert just your common Colonist consumer.
  3. Luckycharm

    Luckycharm Member

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    Here in the Netherlands no fee from any of the parties involved using SEPA bank transfer. Usually takes 2 business days till the amount is added on card.
  4. Jenny ferr

    Jenny ferr Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    As soon as your money is in MAs account it will show up on your PED card

    Doubt anyone but the bank itself can answer this, just give them a call asking what a wiretransfer to a Swedish/European bank will cost, and if they say they don't know ask to talk to someone who is working with international transfers.

    Probably because of the rl EU there is no charge, think they changed that a couple of years ago

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