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18.475 Jori Fished! IFN Challenge Done

Discussion in 'Achievements' started by Muerte17, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. Muerte17

    Muerte17 Member

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    Hello guys today im finaly finished this long mission .. well was fun and did profit so what more i want ;)
    Started killing small ones till like 3-4k of Stage 5 (young-dominant) then i moved to biggest ones (OA-Stalker) for the globals even if mission got a bit slow.

    TOP 2 Jori Hunter now ^^
    Total Globals : 26
    Biggest One : 41 Ped Mature
    Skill Choised : Dexterity (hp)
    Weapon/Armor Used : Cap-4 and Xent x2 + a102 and Adj.Pixie till i got a Xent x3 + a102 then naked and some heals here and there :eek:
    About loots .. hides , oils and TONS of CAP/ASI-0 :p:p oh wait ... and 1 LAW-0.

    Screenshot or it never happened!
    View attachment 8033

    Next Target ... HALIX , im one 4k - 12k already anyway :cool:
    Good luck to the ones doing Jori challenge , come and join the Conqueror club muhaha

    View attachment 8034

    PD: Sorry for my bad english :( hope you dont have a headache.
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  2. Jenny ferr

    Jenny ferr Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    Grats on the mission, sure is a long one (feels that way lol)

    And no need to apologize, not everyone have English as first language and a lot of those who do isn't perfect either hehe

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