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Discussion in 'Community Events' started by Jandre Kroeze, Apr 14, 2019 at 17:22.

  1. Jandre Kroeze

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    Win a Terramaster Finder (L)
    Also always the chance of looting a Rare UL Never-Gun, Shopkeeper or ESI [​IMG]
    Most Loot 120 Minutes Hunting Grind @ Aakas Island Country Club. 10 PEDs Reg-fee.

    Check event registry :)

    ( Do your Ubo & Magurg Male Iron Mission at the same time.)

    1st Prize-Terramaster 6 (L)
    2nd Prize - Terramaster 4 (L)
    3d Prize - Terramaster 2 (L)


    Come visit. See you at the club.

    Roger [​IMG]

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