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Ardorj's Recent Activity

  1. Ardorj attached a file to the thread Ardorjies (Mêlée) Hunting Blog.

    And back on Arkadia again! I've managed to get the Iron II missions of both the Aurli and Kreltin finished before take off. I had a good...

    PRINT SCREEN 2019-03-30 19-44-34.jpg PRINT SCREEN 2019-03-30 22-4-8.jpg PRINT SCREEN 2019-04-04 22-7-53.jpg Aurli 014.jpg Aurli 015.jpg Aurli 016.jpg Aurli 017.jpg Kreltin 008.jpg Kreltin 009.jpg Kreltin 010.jpg Kreltin 011.jpg 2600 Concentration.jpg 3000 Wounding.jpg Oratan Prospector 007.jpg Oro 009.jpg PRINT SCREEN 2019-04-14 20-36-37.jpg Apr 23, 2019 at 10:49