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Playing EU on a low budget - possible or not - a math exercise

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Kiddoo, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. Daka

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    I was tracking my returns from start of the month. This is small sample to be considered as a rule, but I want to share my expirience. I hunt mostly low mobs and I live with 120-150 PED for a month or two now. I am not in position to depozit now, so I must use my existing peds in most eco way, did some sweating and TAXI flights as bonus however. I follow Lizzy golden advice to farm same mob and I am able to stack same loot and sell it when ped card goes empty.

    DateAmmo DecayExpensesLoot TTLoot MUReturn TT (%)Return MU (%)Mob
    01.06.2015.30.000.8730.8726.4127.0185.5587.50Oratan Prospector
    02.06.2015.30.000.9430.9419.2219.8662.1264.19Oratan Prospector
    03.06.2015.30.000.9930.9923.6624.7176.3579.74Oratan Prospector
    04.06.2015.30.001.0531.0535.6137.21114.69119.84Oratan Prospector
    05.06.2015.30.000.9130.9115.8616.3751.3152.96Oratan Prospector
    06.06.2015.30.001.3631.3623.8124.7075.9278.76Oratan Prospector
    07.06.2015.30.000.9230.9223.1123.9874.7477.55Oratan Prospector
    08.06.2015.30.000.9530.9523.7824.7576.8379.97Oratan Prospector
    09.06.2015.8.850.1008.9508.4609.1694.53102.35Dire Weed
    10.06.2015.10.000.0710.0740.5741.64402.88413.51Dire Weed
    11.06.2015.20.000.1920.1912.6913.8962.8568.80Dire Weed
    12.06.2015.20.000.1920.1914.8316.1273.4579.84Dire Weed
    13.06.2015.27.860.9628.8226.6127.6792.3396.01Oratan Prospector
    14.06.2015.30.001.2231.2239.3041.24125.88132.09Oratan Prospector
    15.06.2015.30.001.2531.2531.5032.87100.80105.18Oratan Prospector
    During this time I didn't had a single global, but silent one on Cyrene was good enough to bail me out together with weapons and amplifiers drop from Prospectors.

    Average TT return: 92.87%
    Average TT return (Reward ammo included): 99.02%

    Average MU return: 96.66%
    Average MU return (Reward ammo included): 102.82%

    MU in table is weekly markup at day of the hunt, if there is noweekly MU, TT value is used. Of course, it is hard to sell stuff at weekly MU, I sold my loot little lower so when I consider that my real returns should be little above break even.

    Primary weapon: Starkhov LPR-3 CDF Edition (L) and sometimes Ozpyn LR S1X1
    Finisher: S.I. HK110
    Armor: Musca Adjusted
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  2. krazykat

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    Just to second what Neil said in his post. I mine for GMC and I track my own returns. So i can say that over 186 mining runs my average tt return has been 99.746%.
  3. ArchAngel

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    Just a thought on the 90% TT return theory. Could this have been started due to the 10% loss when chipping skills in? (Thus giving you 90% value return).