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Watch This Planet Arkadia Trading Cards - Alpha Core Edition

Discussion in 'About Planet Arkadia' started by Dylan | Arkadia, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. Haruto Rat

    Haruto Rat Active Member

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    'Resolute mining' which is currently just a short stop on the new arrival mission chain has got a separate card, possibly pointing to the place having more importance in the future.
    'Weaponry' and 'Armoury' cards feature existing stuff, nothing new there.
    'Arkadian seal' has already been noticed.

    And yes, 'Oratan lancer eminent' is misspelled.
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  2. Dylan | Arkadia

    Dylan | Arkadia Administrator Staff Member PAF Administrator Planet Arkadia Official

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    Thank you for that observation. It is fixed.
  3. Lighterthief

    Lighterthief Member

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    things to do to complete the set

    i like the sound of that! :)
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  4. Ardorj

    Ardorj Active Member Pro Users

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    I may be reading more then you mean, but let me aks any how.
    Are the cards for two types of players, the 'collectors' and the 'participants', meaning those who want to get all 31 Alpha Core cards and put them away in the collectors-book versus those who will hand them in for a reward.
    About the handing in: because you say 'finding the right combination' does that mean that also, for example 3x Nusul + 5x IFN Droid + 2x Togolossi + 1x Armoury might be traded in for an item?

    The cards themselves look cool, not a fan of the Badger though, that one looks to me more like a toy-toll.

    Would be fun to see what this all leads to.
    And one last question: how common or rare are these cards going to be? 1 Star as easy as a mini and 6 Stars as rare as, well, what gives the notifications of the kind like 'Ardorj found a rare Sandiresh Alpha Core Tradingcard!' in chat?
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  5. SallyBridges

    SallyBridges Adviser Arkadia Adviser

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    There is 3 smugglers the only 1 I want is Ned Kelly smuggler :)
  6. McCormick

    McCormick Active Member

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    Hunt/Mine/Craft (more) to collect tokens ahhee trading cards...if lucky, complete collection, or if rich enough, complete collection, then trade in tokeeehh... trading cards for other stuff (thats hopefully worth the "investment" / time).

    Ok you try to add some hearthstone-charme on top of it, but thats not enough for me to go all excited.
    Just my opinion.
  7. Dylan | Arkadia

    Dylan | Arkadia Administrator Staff Member PAF Administrator Planet Arkadia Official

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    To answer, yes, they are for both kinda of collectors.

    With regards to the combinations, there will be a forum request / trade being done for certain cards at certain times. So it is a massive interaction trade.

    and yes, there will be a message for the rare card.

    In time Sally. You will see more than just Ned ;)
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  8. Granny Rowan

    Granny Rowan Active Member

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    Great artwork, and a fun addition to game and I am sure will succeed in RL too
    maybe a few as freebies in a gamer magazines, to encourage people to come see what it is all about

    I do agree regarding the names though, some are difficult to read..lose the line that runs through them please :)
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  9. Cyborg Bill

    Cyborg Bill Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    You may not have to sell your Ford (not that youd get enough to begin with 8=}}) but you can bet yer ass the rare ones will be reserved by MA in the mobs or other methods only achievable by the favored souls as per all good things EU.
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  10. SallyBridges

    SallyBridges Adviser Arkadia Adviser

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    I want ned in bed ;) he is sexy and so communicative I am even sad enough to have the smuggle warning broadcast as my alarm clock just to have him close by to me ;) grrrrrrrrrr and what a sexy grumpy voice ;)
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  11. HaKuRa

    HaKuRa Active Member

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    And again it show, what planet get the best staff ever ;-) , keep the good work and thanks for all this :)
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  12. OZtwo

    OZtwo Active Member

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    This all looks really promising and fun but need to ask if these items will be userbound?
  13. Dylan | Arkadia

    Dylan | Arkadia Administrator Staff Member PAF Administrator Planet Arkadia Official

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    As stated before, these cards are not user bound as that would defeat the purpose of trading :p - so to answer the question, No, they will not be user bound. ;)
  14. OZtwo

    OZtwo Active Member

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    One of the best posts I have read all year long!!! With that out of the way do you know how big they will be in game? Be great to buy another apartment (my first one is full) and start collecting these for the book shelf!

    Can't wait!
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  15. DarkSam

    DarkSam New Member

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    it come from looting mobs or mining treasures ?
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  16. KikkiJikki

    KikkiJikki Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    I'm getting a little disturbed by Sally's smuggler fantasies. TMI...
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  17. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Active Member

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    Yeah... I'm just waiting for the movie! :biggrin2:
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  18. Chiffon Jaguar

    Chiffon Jaguar Member

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    Cool, however I don't quite understand the need for something like this. There is already a huge abundance of items in game to trade and collect. Trading cards is incredibly cliche and although it is a cute sentiment, I like that :), just... does not belong in Entropia.

    Edit: I feel that this is too negative. The artwork for the cards are actually very cool! If we could receive cards that look like that IRL, now there's a reason to collect it. :)
  19. Top07

    Top07 Member

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    Well done Arkadia. This feature brings an entirely new feeling to the game.
    Arkadia is a treasure hunting planet after all.
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  20. May

    May Active Member

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    I can't say that I've ever collected/played with trading cards.
    So the first reaction to the newsletter was of disinterest: just not my cup of tea.
    Like the Compets, to me it feels like something for a younger audience than the current EU community is. ;)

    However, Dylan came to give us some tidbits of info. And it seems some interesting spins have been given to a well known concept. :biggrin2:
    Instead of posting a faulty interpretation: here's the chat log.
    Since I don't really know the exact rules for this, I've used the "replace all" function.
    So players have "[Avatar xx]" showing, instead of their names (just to be on the safe side).
    The other channels and completely unrelated text have been filtered out (for space).
    It might be interesting to read for those who were not online at the time.

    01:16:26[Arkadia Official Dylan] hello
    01:16:33[Avatar 3] omg
    01:16:37[Avatar 3] its the KING !!
    01:16:50[Avatar 2] hihi dylan
    01:16:50[Avatar 1] no help but there's a login issue happening, if u totally close the loader u can receive the message could not connect to update server
    01:17:02[Avatar 4] why hi there dylan
    01:17:11[Avatar 5] man, wish i had that affect when i came on and said hi...
    01:17:12[Avatar 6] hey dylan! got the peds you owe me yet?
    01:17:39[Avatar 1] was hell to come back after a power failure here
    01:17:59[Avatar 5] Dylan can we make those trade cards poker cards so i can make some real money in this joint?
    01:18:09[Arkadia Official Dylan] hahaha
    01:18:18[Avatar 4] I still like the triple triad idea for this
    01:18:24[Arkadia Official Dylan] there is so many things planned for those cards
    01:18:36[Avatar 6] can i wipe my bum with them? :p
    01:18:38[Avatar 4] I hope an actual game out of them is one of them, that'd be so boss
    01:18:59[Avatar 4] just a time waster like poker even would be awesome
    01:19:00[Avatar 2] thise cards I get! * hord *
    01:19:21[Avatar 6] should be a card game like in knights of the old republic :)
    01:19:31[Avatar 5] when these togs arnt playin i wanna play some holdem to make my peds back :p
    01:19:41[Arkadia Official Dylan] okay, let me spill some beans
    01:19:51[Avatar 6] you better clean them up after
    01:19:56[Avatar 9] spill!!! spill!!!
    01:20:02[Avatar 6] i just mopped the floor
    01:20:02[Avatar 2] going into key 10 almost :eek:
    01:20:08[Arkadia Official Dylan] those cards have a trading purpose
    01:20:13[Avatar 7] beans make u fart
    01:20:22[Avatar 7] dangerous to spill them
    01:20:27[Avatar 8] ^^
    01:20:35[Arkadia Official Dylan] We will offer certain things for a complete collection of cards
    01:20:41[Avatar 6] oh?
    01:20:44[Avatar 9] oh!! nice :D
    01:20:55[Avatar 6] is it a forever feature or is it only an event?
    01:20:57[Avatar 10] yeah pokemon master for full set :D
    01:21:02[Avatar 10] out dated :)
    01:21:03[Arkadia Official Dylan] and once you trade the whole collection to us, we will give you a limited item that can only be bought during that time
    01:21:04[Avatar 9] see you can always count on ark to have something neet, unlike caly <_<
    01:21:11[Arkadia Official Dylan] But then again, if you hold on to your cards
    01:21:16[Avatar 7] shut up sinister... calypso has ammo and shrapnel!
    01:21:17[Arkadia Official Dylan] There will be another set released
    01:21:30[Avatar 9] oh ammo and shrapnel!!! I spoke too soon!
    01:21:32[Arkadia Official Dylan] Bring in both sets and you will get a better item
    01:21:35[Avatar 4] that's an interesting take, to hoard or turn in
    01:21:38[Avatar 10] make a first edition set more cash :d
    01:21:44[Avatar 2] O.O
    01:21:48[Avatar 11] real life cards?
    01:21:51[Arkadia Official Dylan] then there will be a third, and if you bring in that collection, it will be something even better
    01:21:54[Avatar 6] so basically itll be something i cant hope to get because you probably loot the cards off of more than just carabok?
    01:21:59[Arkadia Official Dylan] and it will grow and grow
    01:22:05[Avatar 5] and at what point do i getta play poker for peds?
    01:22:13[Avatar 10] grow and gorow thats what she said :d
    01:22:14[Avatar 7] strip poker baby
    01:22:14[Avatar 2] when can I cash in for my own continent? :eek:
    01:22:24[Avatar 12] and how you get the card, in hunting loot, or also mining?
    01:22:24[Avatar 4] I'll be honest, this idea of having to decide between turning them in or hoarding actually makes these exciting
    01:22:44[Avatar 4] much cooler than just nifty looking combat tokens
    01:22:44[Arkadia Official Dylan] And the fun part is it is completely up to you
    01:22:46[Avatar 7] reminds me of everquest 2's artifacts
    01:22:50[Avatar 13] what will drop cards? hunting or all professions?
    01:22:59[Avatar 12] crafting? instances?
    01:23:03[Arkadia Official Dylan] Cards will drop in all professions
    01:23:03[Avatar 6] all i know is i couldnt care less about these cards
    01:23:07[Avatar 10] taming i bet :)
    01:23:10[Avatar 6] if i cant loot them all off of carabok or gallards
    01:23:12[Avatar 2] :eek: ohhhhh thats interesting
    01:23:17[Avatar 6] cause i sure as hell dont have the peds or skills for anything else lol
    01:23:17[Avatar 2] so when I am coloring I get cards?
    01:23:22[Avatar 4] are certain cards going to be tied to certain professions?
    01:23:26[Arkadia Official Dylan] Maybe xD
    01:23:37[Avatar 4] curse you dodging questions!
    01:23:37[Avatar 12] would be great if its not just from hunting :)
    01:23:57[Avatar 12] give some love to the other professions ;)
    01:24:05[Avatar 5] we can sell the cards too yes Dylan?
    01:24:53[Arkadia Official Dylan] yup
    01:24:55[Avatar 2] thats super cool info
    01:25:04[Avatar 14] ty for the info dyl
    01:25:05[Arkadia Official Dylan] Let me clear this out for everyone
    01:25:13[Arkadia Official Dylan] These cards are made for trading
    01:25:19[Arkadia Official Dylan] they are not user bound
    01:25:25[Avatar 2] awesome :D
    01:25:32[Arkadia Official Dylan] Let me tell you this
    01:25:45[Avatar 10] please get book made for them so not lootable in space :)
    01:25:59[Arkadia Official Dylan] If my calculations are correct, which they usually are (Smirk) there is 3 cards that if sold to the right buyer
    01:26:02[Avatar 11] is there a lunchbox card?
    01:26:05[Arkadia Official Dylan] can bring you about 2000 ped
    01:26:05[Avatar 15] is there any limit to how many sets you can collect up before handing them in to boost the reward?
    01:26:14[Arkadia Official Dylan] 2000 ped each
    01:26:16[Avatar 4] depending on the drop rates this could be a great way to encourage people to hunt all mobs/craft more items
    01:26:22[Avatar 2] O.O
    01:26:22[Arkadia Official Dylan] There is no limit
    01:26:23[Avatar 10] items from cards will be (L) or Ul ?
    01:26:24[Avatar 6] again
    01:26:25[Avatar 14] not bad at all
    01:26:33[Avatar 6] so long as i can loot the cards off of carabok and gallards cool
    01:26:36[Avatar 8] aww, so I wont be able to get a full set without robbing fivedollar :/
    01:26:37[Avatar 6] if not, well i dont care then
    01:26:40[Avatar 15] so if i collect 10 years worth of card sets, i win eu?
    01:26:46[Avatar 7] im already b eing robbed
    01:26:48[Arkadia Official Dylan] let me say this, We strive to release some nice UL items but we need to balance it
    01:27:32[Avatar 22] can i get cards sweating? :p
    01:27:39[Avatar 11] is there a Lunchbox Card?
    01:27:41[Avatar 16] Rly?
    01:27:58[Avatar 10] is battle for cards an option ?
    01:28:01[Avatar 5] i just looted a lunchbox card today..worth -300 ped
    01:28:04[Avatar 11] and a card of the screenie of the 200k ath?
    01:30:17[Arkadia Official Dylan] here is a quick question to you all
    01:30:22[Arkadia Official Dylan] Just asnwer yes or no
    01:30:29[Avatar 5] Yes, we want poker
    01:30:32[Arkadia Official Dylan] would you buy an arkadia plushie if we make them?
    01:30:38[Avatar 5] no
    01:30:38[Avatar 10] yes
    01:30:41[Avatar 14] depends on the price yes
    01:30:42[Avatar 2] what mob ? :eek:
    01:30:44[Avatar 1] no
    01:30:44[Avatar 7] how can u make a plushie of a planet?
    01:30:45[Avatar 10] loads would
    01:30:46[Avatar 12] rl?
    01:30:46[Avatar 19] no
    01:30:49[Avatar 6] IF i had the extra money?
    01:30:50[Avatar 18] depends on what mob its based on and price ofcourse
    01:30:50[Avatar 6] yes
    01:30:55[Avatar 10] if its Rl item
    01:30:56[Avatar 17] no,
    01:30:59[Avatar 16] Not really no :/
    01:31:04[Avatar 6] and depending on what plushies you make and how much it is
    01:31:07[Avatar 18] better make it lootable item that you can redeem in merchandise shop also :p
    01:31:09[Arkadia Official Dylan] yes, a RL item
    01:31:19[Avatar 1] no, unless is eadible
    01:31:19[Avatar 10] i think alot would
    01:31:21[Avatar 7] i would get the ones of my mobs
    01:31:23[Avatar 13] will it sing to me if i squeeze its paw?
    01:31:26[Avatar 18] loot a plushie in game > get one RL
    01:31:27[Avatar 19] put that production cost into loot
    01:31:31[Avatar 2] did dobson decide to make a dobson plushie? :eek:
    01:31:33[Avatar 7] even better if u could loot a redemption ticket in game
    01:31:41[Avatar 6] i would buy a real world plushie if i had the extra money and depending on the price of them
    01:31:45[Avatar 6] and also of which ones you make
    01:31:48[Avatar 16] Still a no for me :/
    01:31:52[Avatar 12] depends what and how
    01:31:53[Avatar 10] ship for February 14 loads will :D
    01:32:09[Arkadia Official Dylan] and one more question
    01:32:10[Avatar 12] i would buy an arkadia tshirt though
    01:32:20[Arkadia Official Dylan] would you buy Arkadia Memrobilia?
    01:32:22[Avatar 11] i would probably buy ll that shit i dont need ol
    01:32:25[Avatar 16] T-shirt yes
    01:32:26[Avatar 11] lol
    01:32:33[Avatar 10] figures yes
    01:32:36[Avatar 17] still no, too broke :p
    01:32:37[Avatar 18] again depends a lot on what it is
    01:32:46[Avatar 6] yes, again, depending on their design and price... and if i actually had the extra money
    01:32:47[Avatar 13] if the money from the shirts goes to loot i would buy one yes
    01:32:49[Avatar 10] last was hogglo so on people loved em :)
    01:32:54[Avatar 3] if its a portable home ... i would :p
    01:32:59[Avatar 2] ohhh plastic model Aakas defenders and Dehera!
    01:33:10[Avatar 7] give me life size aakas defender
    01:33:25[Avatar 10] yeah proper size staue :)
    01:33:33[Avatar 2] imagine the shippign costs on that
    01:33:35[Avatar 10] mabey only 5 ever made :D
    01:33:37[Avatar 5] Less shared loot events and bigger loots to pull players from caly to here :p
    01:33:39[Avatar 12] wouldnt buy stuff to put down, would buy useable items like thirt, bag etc
    01:33:40[Avatar 20] I'd buy an unlimited mining amp if it was deccent price
    01:33:43[Avatar 21] give me lfe size vixens
    01:33:44[Avatar 9] I want a shop on ark ss!!!
    01:33:56[Avatar 9] and a special arkadian fighter ship :D
    01:33:57[Avatar 18] just merchandise all the in game loot you can get, but only if you actually have the item on your avatar you can get a version IRL for a price if you
    01:34:13[Avatar 10] make em numberd peeps will pay postage :)
    01:34:19[Avatar 18] 3d printed models of guns, vehicles etc, replica's or armor, and fashion clothes
    01:34:21[Arkadia Official Dylan] Mara, you are reading our minds now
    01:34:22[Avatar 18] easy
    01:34:36[Avatar 18] 2% of profit pls :p
    01:34:38[Avatar 6] tbh though dylan
    01:34:43[Arkadia Official Dylan] so just know this, it is in the pipeline, so there will be goodies in the near future
    01:34:47[Avatar 6] any money that i would spend on arkadia rl items
    01:34:50[Avatar 3] 3d guns would not be allowed here in australia
    01:34:52[Avatar 6] id probably just deposit into the game
    01:35:00[Avatar 18] 3d guns that can not be shot ofc
    01:35:02[Avatar 8] is this related to the gold rush event comming?
    01:35:02[Avatar 2] wikll you use the real items auction section or webstore?
    01:35:06[Avatar 5] is ark going to get player controled mobs like caly soon?
    01:35:06[Avatar 10] cant ship guns lol thats nuts
    01:35:08[Avatar 4] some of the swords in this would be awesome to have models of irl
    01:35:15[Avatar 3] the modem itself cannot be carried
    01:35:18[Avatar 3] model*
    01:35:26[Avatar 3] if it looks like a real gun
    01:35:31[Avatar 18] gimme them energy sword thingies lol
    01:35:50[Avatar 17] you guys are talking like most of these guns look remotely real?
    01:35:50[Arkadia Official Dylan] but yea, there will be things in the future
    01:35:51[Avatar 18] but for realz id like one of them black ninja hoodies
    01:35:58[Avatar 18] those look super awesome
    01:36:00[Avatar 1] buying human size 3D printed quad
    01:36:03[Avatar 2] that black ninja hoodie is already a real item
    01:36:16[Avatar 18] just never gonna get one in game :(
    01:36:26[Avatar 9] lol fk the quad. that's MA's spaceship
    01:36:36[Avatar 1] buying human size 3D printed quad (UL) :D
    01:36:37[Avatar 9] I want a Arkadian space fighter!
    01:36:38[Avatar 18] but Dylan is gonna make an awesome shop for it im sure, buy in webshop RL item get one for your avatar, right?
    01:36:54[Avatar 5] Arkadia needs super fast speeder bikes or something.. more draw to the planet over all
    01:37:26[Avatar 10] can ietms be looted in under ground vaults ?
    01:37:28[Avatar 12] i dontthink i have any items on my avatar that i would want to buy irl
    01:37:28[Avatar 18] if you guys pull this off, and make Arkadia better then Caly, im staying, im liking it already, just the market is in bad shape
    01:37:39[Avatar 10] ie pistol rifle Ul so on
    01:37:43[Avatar 18] need more traders here
    01:38:12[Avatar 10] like normal key missions
    01:38:15[Avatar 8] Arkadia is better than Caly... the problem is MA favors Caly since they manage it... More server power needs to be given to Ark
    01:38:45[Avatar 8] Ark seems to be getting held back by Calypso's problems
    01:39:02[Avatar 12] would buy an arkadian calculator for next to the pc, since there is none ingame ;)
    01:40:23[Avatar 5] If the vaults in these maps would start looting more people would for sure come to ark more
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