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Pirates Patrolling Arkadia space region

Discussion in 'Space' started by Tom Shadow Nitely, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. Tom Shadow Nitely

    Tom Shadow Nitely Member

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    Just want to pass along to everyone another confirmation that pirates are patrolling Arkadia space PvP region, with coordinated efforts between two or more persons. An excerpt from a message I received via a forum User post:

    "I was engaged in some seriously active piracy that day, my Wing had seen the slep and Gave me an Indication on where it was and we were just forming up to engage..."

    I received this above post today on another EU forum, when I had sent the person a thanks July 7th for not firing on me twice, when I left Arkadia space station in route to help with planet resupply efforts. As circumstances happened, I was not fired on again because my gunner/friend/passenger sent a frowning face in local chat AND the pirate interceptor attacker knew my friend and thus halted the attack.

    For the moment, since I was not hit nor looted, I want to with-hold the name of the attacker. I'll let their actions determine their karma and reputation progression.

    Please be forewarned and travel armed and in groups as much as possible.
  2. Hyssch

    Hyssch Active Member

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    Sounds like You met real pirates out there, but all Arkadian space-travelers, please check the name of the ship/player first or say something on the all-chat, for my ship showed red-marker yesterday while on space and I aint no PK'er/Pirate.

    Read the rest of the story here if interested :)

    -- Hyssch --