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Paid n' Evade - NEW! Hunting & Mining Event on Deino Island

Discussion in 'Other Planet Events' started by MsPudding, Feb 4, 2019.

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    “God damn it that shit stings!” Cried Serenity.

    The Scipulor’s knife-like appendage sliced through her arm guard like a hot knife through butter, piercing her flesh and injecting her with venom. She’d been hunting on the island for several hours. Her vision was beginning to get a little blurry and her arm was now throbbing in pain. The build up of toxin in her system was beginning to take a toll. She knew she needed to take a break after this last kill.


    Serenity’s BC-80 turned the creature's body into swiss cheese before it could get another attack off. The Scipulor's body folded as it fell to the ground, pulsing for a moment. It lay quiet and motionless, its mouth and eyes vacant of any sign of life. Blood poured slowly onto the dry grass. It was Mid-Summer and the island hadn’t received rain since April. Serenity wiped the sweat from her forehead and ripped a portion of her shirt off to tie around her arm.

    “Take that bitch...” She muttered as she holstered her rifle on her back.

    God damn my repair bill is going to f#%king suck! I really need to learn to move faster... She thought to herself.

    Serenity had a reputation for two things, kicking ass, and swearing like a sailor. She pulled out her Omegaton K-55 and began typing a series of numbers. Moments later a large, auto-piloted, majestic aircraft landed 40 feet from where she stood. The sound of high pressure released as the cockpit door lifted. She climbed into a worn out seat and plopped on a furry pink headset. She set the nav controls for Medusa’s Head and gripped the centre stick, ready to fly.

    Just before engaging the thrusters she noticed movement off the starboard side of her wing. She immediately powered down the ship. Ok, I guess there were three things, I forgot to mention that she feared absolutely nothing. She was a true ‘badass’ in every sense of the word. She climbed out of her ship and saw the back of a frail old man as he ran, bolting for the bushes.

    “Hey! Stop!” She yelled.

    Ughhh he’s going to make me chase him, f%ck me. She thought. Moments later she caught up to him and pulled her rifle out, pointing it directly at his chest.

    “Please don’t shoot!” The man pleaded. “I was only admiring your ship, I swear! I didn’t take anything! I haven’t seen a Class-A starship here for years!” He clamored.

    “You live here?” asked Serenity.

    “Yes, and I can teach you a thing or two about the trick to evading Scips based on how that Supremacy looks” The man said snickering, as he pointed at her now tattered and worn looking armor.

    “Is that so?” She asked.

    He explained: “Listen, Calypso is full of strange and dangerous creatures. But if you understand how they move and how they attack, you can not only survive here, you can prosper. I’ve been on Deino Island feeding my family on these things for decades. He said with a proud smile.

    Jesus f%ck that’s a sad life, Scipulor taste worse than the shit under my boots. She thought to herself.

    “Wow! That’s impressive!” She said kindly.

    He continued. “Yes, yes… I know. I am a bit of an expert in the ways the Scipulor move. Hey, listen. I collect their knife-like stingers and extract the venom, then with the remaining blade I fashion weapons out of them. I then take them to Medusa’s Head on the weekend and Morey buys em’ off me to sell in his shops. I’ve even heard that Lukasz is looking to acquire the venom to use in his crafts. There’s no way I can get enough on my own. I want to ask you a favor.”

    “I'm listening”. She said. Brushing her auburn bangs to one side of her face and wrapping them behind her ear.

    The man continued. “I can borrow my son’s Implant Inserter and take what I know about evading these buggers out of my head and put it onto a skill chip. We can exchange my years of experience for the scip stingers you bring me. I’ve even heard that there’s thousands of these stingers to be found buried underground. So if you have any sort of Mining skill that should help you find them even faster. The more you bring me, the more skill I can extract for you. And hey, I can throw in a few bonus PED for all the work.”

    With an excited look on her face she replied: “Groovy, let's do it! But that could also be the venom talking, I did get stung quite a bit today. I’ll work on bringing you the stingers -- and maybe in a few weeks I’ll become Calypso’s Greatest Evader!” She winked at the old man and smiled. She turned around and headed back to her ship...


    Paid N' Evade - Hunting & Mining Event is NOW LIVE!

    It's no secret that the Scipulor mob has one of the very best Evade Reward Missions in Entropia Universe. Finishing your 10k Scipulor Iron Mission will get you a total in-game-reward of 90tt Evade skill! :eyecrazy:

    Not to mention that Deino Island is one of the better places on Calypso to find high MU% Ores and EnMatters, it's one of the better places to mine on any planet for that matter!

    So go ahead and grab your weapon, grab your resource finder, and head on out to: Medusa's Head - Deino Island!

    Please register on the PlanetCalypsoForum Post or PM me in game and ask to be added to the event
    If you send me a PM in game and ask to be added -- your globals will retroactively count (up to 3 days).

    * All globals are tracked by EntropiaTracker
    * Event begins the moment this thread is posted (so right now)
    * Mobs are weighted. Gokibusagi award 20% more Stingers
    * Mining is weighted. Larger claims award higher quantities of Stingers

    Young: 1660 HP -> Danger level 31
    Mature: 1720 HP -> Danger level 32
    Old: 1780 HP -> Danger level 33
    Stab 38%
    Cut 38%
    Impact 24%

    Alpha: 590 HP -> Danger level 20
    Old Alpha: 610 HP -> Danger level 22
    Prowler: 670 HP -> Danger level 23
    Stab 50%
    Cut 50%

    Mining Resources:
    Kanerium, Ignisium, Gold , Durulium, Terrudite, Lysterium, Niksarium, Dianum, Alferix
    Enmatter: Devil's Tail, Azur Pearls, Solis Beans, Cave Sap, Binary Fluid, Growth Molecules, Crude Oil

    1. To claim prizes, please register yourself or your team on this thread before hunting/mining
    2. All globals/HOFs must be scored on Deino Island to count. The lowest amount of Scip Stingers that can be exchanged for a prize is 50.
    3. Stingers are cumulative, they only reset when used to claim a prize, any unspent Stingers become the new balance.
    4. You may claim the same prize or different prizes multiple times, there is no limit. Any individual attempting to abuse the system will be banned from this event and all future events on Deino Island & future LA's I purchase or partner with.
    5. Skill chip sizes are an approximation, please allow for a size overage or shortage by no more than 8%. If the chip size results in a shortage of more than 8% of the advertised skill chip size -- I will pay the MU% value difference in PED.
    6. This event will run indefinitely, or until I say otherwise.

    How To Claim A Prize:
    PM me in game, or on PCF to set up a time to meet and claim your prize. In game name is Rachel MsPudding Hawkins.
    * I am usually on M-F 8:30 - 12:00 PM Mountain Standard Time = 3:30 AM - 7:00 AM UTC
    * Weekends I can usually be found online Saturdays/Sundays around 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM = 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM UTC.
    * These times are not guarantee's, they're an approximation. But, I am active, and I'm usually not away from EU for more than a couple of days at most.

    Hunting: 3.99%
    Mining: 3.99%

    Free Healing Available on Deino Island:
    (I cover decay, you cover the tip ;))
    Sirtaj "King07" Sandhu -- Mod 2350
    "Kylan" Ivan Razley -- Mod 2350

    * Total stinger count for solo and team participants will be updated daily (approximately). Please allow more than 24 hours before reporting any discrepancies. Thanks!

    Good luck out there!
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    Hunting Challenge: Iron Scipulor I
    Objective: Kill 100 Scipulor
    Reward: Athletics (eq. 1.08 PED implant) or
    Evade (eq. 0.54 PED implant) or
    First Aid (eq. 0.54 PED implant)

    Hunting Challenge: Iron Scipulor II
    Objective: Kill 500 Scipulor
    Reward: Psyche (25 Tokens) and Athletics (eq. 1.23 PED implant) or
    Psyche (25 Tokens) and Evade (eq. 0.61 PED implant) or
    Psyche (25 Tokens) and First Aid (eq. 0.61 PED implant) or
    Athletics (eq. 5.40 PED implant) or
    Evade (eq. 2.70 PED implant) or
    First Aid (eq. 2.70 PED implant)

    Hunting Challenge: Iron Scipulor III
    Objective: Kill 1000 Scipulor
    Reward: : Agility (50 Tokens) and Athletics (eq. 2.46 PED implant) or
    Agility (50 Tokens) and Evade (eq. 1.23 PED implant) or
    Agility (50 Tokens) and First Aid (eq. 1.23 PED implant) or
    Athletics (eq. 10.79 PED implant) or
    Evade (eq. 5.40 PED implant) or
    First Aid (eq. 5.40 PED implant)

    Hunting Challenge: Iron Scipulor IV
    Objective: Kill 5000 Scipulor
    Reward: : Intelligence (200 Tokens) and Athletics (eq. 20.63 PED implant) or
    Intelligence (200 Tokens) and Evade (eq. 10.31 PED implant) or
    Intelligence (200 Tokens) and First Aid (eq. 10.31 PED implant) or
    Athletics (eq. 54.00 PED implant) or
    Evade (eq. 27.00 PED implant) or
    First Aid (eq. 27.00 PED implant)

    Hunting Challenge: Iron Scipulor V
    Objective: Kill 10000 Scipulor
    Reward: Stamina (140 Tokens) and Athletics (eq. 84.58 PED implant) or
    Stamina (140 Tokens) and Evade (eq. 42.29 PED implant) or
    Stamina (140 Tokens) and First Aid (eq. 42.29 PED implant) or
    Athletics (eq. 108.00 PED implant) or
    Evade (eq. 54.00 PED implant) or
    First Aid (eq. 54.00 PED implant)​
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    Hope to see you there! :)
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    Good luck out there. *bump*
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    Arkadia is a wonderful planet! But if you stop by Calypso for even a few hours, be sure and check out Deino Island! The most beautiful island in the game... Scenic landscapes, half-pipes you can shred on a hoverboard, a hidden waterfall, ponds naturally heated with friendly fish, sandy beaches with topless zones, you name it. There's even a shop with slightly overpriced oil in case you get stuck and have to refuel (c'mon guys the airports do it).

    Take a trip! Make Deino Island your destination vacation!

    Did I mention the mission chain on Scipulor gives 90tt Evade in game skill reward??? That's crazy!
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
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    It's breast cancer awareness month, let's not forget.
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    Zorro completed his Scip Iron mission this week and when he started it a month ago he was a level 26 Evader, finished level 33.5 Evader!!!

    He gained 7.5 levels of Evade in 30 days combo'ing the 90tt Evade skill the Scipulor Iron mission gives w/ another bonus 30tt Evade from this event. Plus he earned a bonus 1,000 PED from this event!

    There's no better time or place to skill Evade and earn a huge PED bonus than right now on Medusa's Head - Deino Island.

    See you out there :)