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Competition Oratan Attack Inbound

Discussion in 'Company Events' started by ArkadiaBot, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. the Prophet

    the Prophet Active Member

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    neither vehicles nor unreachable mob were a problem at the pvp spawn of the recent shared hogglo event (guess why).

    in my humble opinion, the main problem for unreachable mob is not the distance shooters (it's not called ranged for no reason ffs!) but the friggin obstacles on mob's way to its target. this can be a stupid tree or a stupid person, and a-team doesn't even feel a need to remove what they actually can, namely the fuckin trees (and other obstacles) around the event spawns like they promised at the events so often (kinda mindark-style).

    also you seem to forget that it actually worked nicely long time ago, but mindark broke it, and as a result we're doomed with mob that is big like a house, but can't jump over a bush. way to go!

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  2. Jod

    Jod Well-Known Member

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    You hit the nail on the head with this part,it makes no sense a mob that size cant just roll over everyone and everything but its probably a game mechanic issue,I dont know.

    Also the speed at which they go stuck-unstuck-stuck is just crazy....
    Every other non shared mob has a timer that if it cant reach you in a certain amount of time it gets stuck(which is fair enough,we know why)
    but once it hits someone that timer restarts and you keep going.
    But not with Lancers,they can go straight back to stuck within half a second of killing someone,this imo should not be possible.
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  3. fredzepp

    fredzepp Active Member

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    I agree with the last few posts and it really is time this was sorted.

    Time for the bad guys to break out their Oratan Pogosticks
  4. DavinFelth

    DavinFelth Member

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    Please don't run this event again until this is sorted. It ruins a lot of the fun, and all we hear is complaints, arguments, and people barking out orders to people. It also costs the players a little more - as mob regens some health.
    Yes - it worked "fine" in the past. The issue then was the mob "flying". We kind of went from one extreme to the next. I rather have occasional flying then almost non-stop unreachable.
    And yes - they would hit someone, the person die, but mob still unreachable.
    I love events there, but please fix it before just running it again.
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