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Mentor (German + English): Mining, Hunting, Taming, Crafting

Discussion in 'GMT -1 to GMT +1' started by Smoerble, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Smoerble

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    Skye: smoerble
    Teamspeak: you get the IP when we meet

    German: native
    English: some wierd accent, but I can explain everything you need to know.

    I am very open with my knowledge, because I am not afraid, someone can take away "my" loot. I will not harm my income, if I share my knowledge, so I tell you everything, when you are ready to deal with it.

    But I can tell you a lot things that you need to avoid, because you will loose a lot PEDs. And this is the most valuable Point for choosing me as your mentor: I am a high depositor, I practized pretty much every profession in this game.

    Hunting: Rockets/Grenades: 45+, Sword 35+, Knife 35+, Laser 40+, BLP 40+
    Mining: 25+
    Crafting: 20+, mostly armor crafting
    Taming: 50+
    Space pilot: 5+ :)
    Coloring, texturing, hair stylist, body modification and other profs: low level ;).

    I am interested only in discples, who learn on their own too. I am here to answer questions, I am honest, I am helpful. All I ask from you is: don't waste my time. if you ask me something, then listen to it. If you couldn't understand, ask again, until we both are certain, that I could express, what I tried to say.

    Some of my discpls, but not all, can get mining or hunting jobs, where they gain free skills. You might get it, but that depends only on your behaviour. My help (and PEDs or items) are a gift, not something I owe you.

    I might hire you for jobs where I pay your items and you gain free skills: http://arkadiaforum.com/showthread.php?865-Log-I-hired-some-noobs

    Ok, Taming still didn't make it back into "the game", but as long as it was active, I was one of the top 10 Tamers in EU (according to a list in EU forum), that's why I mention it :).
  2. Xi41

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    I'm interested in being tutored etc ;)
  3. Gholden

    Gholden New User

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    I'm also interested in being tutored and doing some work, my ingame is Xx Gholden xX