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Ingame event system

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Wauspaus, Jun 11, 2016.

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    Hello everyone,

    I decided to just make a quick explanation explanation of the event system here. I get PM' s from people every time there is a Puny Bash upcoming about how they can register for it etc etc. So I decided to whip this together quickly for the new player :). I will be using the Puny Bash event atm as an example event.

    How to view current ingame events:

    To start off viewing the event you need to click the event button which looks like this: eventbutton.png
    It is usually in your standard UI in the top bar, incase it is not you can go to your Action Library (press Y) and with the search function you can search for "Event List" that will pop up this button for you.

    After clicking that button you get a screen which looks like this:

    Now you see the events currently running on the planet you are on. You can select any other planet to view their events but let's stick to Arkadia for now :).

    So there are a few things to watch when looking for an event. Let's explain that using the following picture (with colours):

    Yellow: This is the planet you have selected to search for an event. In this case Planet Arkadia, it is important to note that if you aren't on the planet of the event you can't participate in it (you can register but not participate on the event itself), unless you fly to it before the event itself ends.

    Red: This is the event you have selected, there can be multiple events on 1 planet but to keep it a bit simple 1 event will for explaining stuff.

    Pink: This information bar is important after you selected an event. It shows you the countdown until the event starts. How much total PED the prizepool is and how many tickets are left for the event.

    Blueish: Once you decided to give the event a closer look and perhaps register hit that button. You will be guided towards the next window.

    Looking at an events information and registration:

    So you have clicked the button in the last step of the previous section.... This means you will be taken to the detailed information of this event. Let's continu explaining things from there.

    Event general info.PNG

    In this window you see the general information for this event. Every event creator wants you the read the description of the event. However this is usually not THAT important (do still read it though please :))
    The YELLOW circled part is important. The start and end time of the event. Make sure you are able to attend before registering for an event.
    The RED circled area is important as well. Some eventmakers put up a Ticket Price for their events, for whichever reason. It is important that you realize this Ticket Price is deducted from your PED-card. Once you have paid you usually don't get this PED back. So make sure you can attend it :).

    Moving on to the Prizes Page....


    This page shows you all the prizes which are handed over to winners automatically at the end of the event.
    It's not really interesting however before registering for an event it's important to check this. Especially if there is a Ticket Price for the event you need to make sure that the ticket price is worth the chance of winning the event.

    Moving on to the Rules page:

    The most important part of this page is the Win Rule section, encircled with YELLOW.
    There are different types of events and all are different in determining how it is won. I will write down out down here:

    -Most Votes: This is more of a popularity contest. You vote for the person you want to win the event. The people with the most votes win (First, second and third place).

    -Most PVP points: This means it's a Player vs Player event. Where killing other players gives you points. The people with the most points in the end will win.

    -Most Loot: In this type of event ALL the loot you get will be added up (PED value). At the end of the event the people who have looted the most loot in PED value will win.

    -Highest Single Loot: This type of event monitors the loot you receive per creature. It records the highest loot you obtained for 1 kill which is used to rank you during the event. In this type of event you do increase your chances by killing more creatures however you just need 1 lucky drop to be number 1. The person who looted the most from ONE creature during the event will win.

    These are the event types used in Event Area's on Arkadia. Incase you like the event setting being used, hit the " REGISTER" button, encircled in RED. The ticket price will also then be deducted from your PED-card.
    You are now good to go for the event :D
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  2. Wauspaus

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    This is all awesome, but how on earth do I know where this is or how to get there?

    This isn't so hard :D. You obviously know which planet it is on, you just need to know the location. So go back to your event list and select the event.
    Right there encircled in YELLOW is a compass button, when you click this button it will show you the event area this event is in. However for most events there is a cool feature to make it EVEN EASIER. You know now where the detailed information is, so click on the detailed information of the event you registered for.


    In this picture encircled in YELLOW again, you see a greyed out T button. This button becomes active 15 minutes BEFORE the event starts and will remain active until the event ends. When you click this button you will be teleported to the revive location of the event area. No need to fly, run, walk, bounce or whatever to the events location, just click this button (except if you are on Calypso for an OLA42 event, this function is bugged and you end up somewhere in the mountains).

    That is kind of it for the event list, registering and getting there :).

    Hope it was helpful for people in general, incase some stuff needs to change let me know :)

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