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Discussion in 'Entropia Release Notes' started by ArkadiaBot, Jul 14, 2017.

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    Developer Notes #13 - Loot 2.0 Statistics

    The MindArk design team has been closely monitoring the impact of Loot 2.0, recently implemented in Version Update 15.15. We have also been following the many interesting and valuable discussions on community forums and thought it would be helpful to those discussions to share some hunting return statistics.

    • Net return for all hunting activity since VU 15.15: 94.71%
    • Net return for hunters cycling at least 100,000 PED since VU 15.15: 97.29%
    • Net return for hunters cycling at least 10,000 PED since VU 15.15: 94.79%
    • Net return for accounts created in 2017, cycling at least 100 PED since VU 15.15: 94.87%
    • Net return for accounts created in 2017: 93.47%

    These return rates are very close to MindArk’s targets for Loot 2.0, and indicate that the changes implemented are working as intended. Of course, we will continue to monitor, tweak and improve moving forward.

    Happy hunting!

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    Don't have much time for EU lately, only did a quick hunt(800 ped ammo or so) on madana after loot 2.0, I got like 89% TT return(including ammo, weapon, amp, armor and fap decay) IIRC. The problem is always lack of markup but need to pay markup for weapons and faps. Maybe the loot 2.0 needs more time to adjust the whole EU market, hope it's going to the right direction, can't be more wrong than EP bp anyway.

    Still good to see mindark are willing to disclose stats like this, good work mindark.