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Calypso <-> ARKADIA <-> NEXT ISLAND | Weekly Free Roundtrip

Discussion in 'Space' started by Ruben, May 12, 2021.

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    Sundays starting at 17:00 Gametime The free roundtrip of BIG industries Pathfinder Warp Vessel can bring you across the universe.

    Hop on Board or drop off at any of the 3 possible locations. The route will be planned on-demand and most efficient order.

    To get on the guestlist lookout for the advertiser in the public local and planets main channels, who is leading a team for previously gathering of the traveler.

    Get invited by showing your interest by a personal message to the advertiser/team leader.

    - Gathering in teams starts weekly, Sundays at 16:00. have an eye on the planetary main channels for the advertizer.

    - Stackable Loot is not allowed.

    - you will be added to the ship's guest list and summoned from the surface to the ship by our pilot.

    - Participation in the local Planet's onboarding team is mandatory until 16:45

    - First departure from Pathfinder IV start location is scheduled for 17:00

    - Traffic from Spacestation to destination planets surface has to be organized on the passenger's own behalf.

    - Content for space and your destination planet has to be downloaded.

    - Pilot EKKO will not be able to answer extensive personal messages during the wrap session.