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Arkadia StoryBook

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Bear, Oct 19, 2016.

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  1. Bear

    Bear Member

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    There are a lot of things which I miss in Entropia Universe. Many of them I consider vital for a good game. Entropias fundamental is the RealCash concept. On top of this MA and the PlanetPartners created a truly diversified "Universe" with different storylines, look and feeling. The good and the bad part is: There has and there can be a lot of improvment.

    Since I post this on Arkadia Forum, I will try to adress mostly Arkadia and keep in mind that the good people who create Arkadia do not have full control over the system.

    Arkadia has a quite good storyline
    The old Arkadian Culture & the Oratans. The IFN and the Smugglers.
    These Stories are developed mostly through Events and posts & hints on the forum. It is very important and a very good way to bind players by giving them the chance to emerge within a Role Play. This however is not very well developed. Missions can play a big part with this and can be the key to guide players through a story.

    Story Book
    The "Mission Log" shows currently running and finished mission. This Mission log should be complemented by a "Story Book":
    Many missions have a little background story. By connecting these stories into a big story, a player could unfold a "never ending" book - page by page.
    Each completed missions add a page or chapter to this book. This way a player would "write" his own book with the Story of Arkadia:

    2125.12.11/ 00:22
    "The Oratans attackt Camp Alph again. My mission was to retrive an artifact they have stolen. With proud I can say " Mission Accomplished" - but at which costs? I know that others were send before me and obviously did not survived, entered the grand stream and finaly got reatomized at a Revive. What buggers me - those Oratans, they don´t seem the be those savages they tell us they are. Why do they try to steal those Artifacts? This is not the first time. I don´t trust the IFN - or Sgt. Cooper... something seems wrong."

    "Grinding Missions"
    are currently just rather boring and repetitive. The Smuggler Chain is a great example. After 195.000 KillPoints you might finaly enter one Instance - untill, no feedback on the story or mission at all. Those mission could be easly broken down into smaller pieces with more feedback on the story.
    For example: The Smugglers need resouces from various Mobs. Your job is to grind them and you get a non-tradeable resouces in the loot or after each stage. Those resources you return to a Smuggler and get some hints and clues about the Smugglers and what you mission is about along with the next mission.
    As extra, you get a one time pass on the according Smuggler instance with a short timeout after each stage. That way you get a little preview and some feedback for the Story Book. After you did the complete chain of stages, you get full access.

    2125.12.13/ 10:12
    "Its getting harder and harder. I finaly managed to loot an other Graphanic Particle from the Toggolossi. Took me around 20k KP - its crazy. I just hope its worth. The IFN offers a bounty on those Particles now - but I will stick to my plan and meet "Joe". He promised me a little raid on a warehouse as compensation. Not sure I can trust him or those Smugglers. For now they seem to be more trustworthy than anybody from IFN."

    Role play
    is an other big part which is currently up to be self-organized at best. This could and should be supported. Just by taking a look at the Forum, you can notice that people love to go "Smuggler" or "IFN".
    Beside some cloths to show off this is barely reflected in game.
    On Arkadia, it is quite obvious that you can take sides - be Smuggler or IFN. I don´t talk about Societies here. Keep the Story Book in mind:
    At a certain point it could be possible to take one route or the other - Smuggler or IFN Faction. Depending on the path a player takes, different missions will be available. Once you pledged for the Smugglers - no more IFN Missions and a differnet storyline unfolds for you. With different Missions you get different rewards. Instead of avatar bound items you get Faction Bound Items. Those items can only be traded between the named side. Smugglers may have good PK weapons, IFN great Armors...

    2126.01.18/ 04:36
    "Hell yeah - this was worth it. Today I don´t care about morals, those IFN f**** deserved it. This was the best raid in the last months. Finaly I looted the last part to make my Improved Herman 77 Smuggler. This will be a bad ass gun!!!"

    With the Smuggler and IFN Factions in place,
    it could finaly be possible to designate some regions of Arakdia to be open for LandGrab by those Factions. Smuggler vs IFN - PVP. Taxes are paid to every participant based on his KillPoints at LandGrab. Smugglers and IFN could fight - for RealCash and for the future of Arkadia.
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  2. mastermesh

    mastermesh Active Member

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    Me thinks most true role player devs left the game with the pcf cld mess. What's left are suits and ties looking for bigger bank accounts
  3. Liviu | Arkadia

    Liviu | Arkadia 3D Artist Staff Member PAF Administrator Planet Arkadia Official

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    we are still around, lurking in the shadows and developing new stuff :)
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  4. Bear

    Bear Member

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    Hi Liviu,
    it would be great if you guys would take us along on our development ride and shed some light in your shadows.
    "Back in the days" there were some nice "Comunity Creativity Events" on PFC by MA. Such as the YouTube contests and other things.

    Please consider to take the comunity with you. Sure, there is always "too much" what people are asking for (if they don´t have to do the hard part of the work).

    But "Crowd Braining" could inspire all - You and Us!
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