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Aria's Shop list

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ihazbackup, Feb 21, 2016.

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    Hello, since I couldn't afford in-game shops, I'd advertise my hunting loot here:
    Current location: Calypso

    Name Amount TT value in PED Status
    Halix Tail 29 0.58 At Ark Auction (bid: 1724%, buyout: 2068%)
    Basic Stone Extractor 108 1.08 Unavailable
    Focus Lense Component 11 2.2 Unavailable
    Carabok Leg Fur 4 0.8 Unavailable
    Weak Cloth Extractor 125 1.25 Unavailable
    Robot Heat Sinks 37 2.96 Unavailable
    Edres Varnish 21 5.46 Unavailable
    PM Aria Hades Jonway in-game for any offers on the items above. Loots are updated each time an item is sold or I'm done with my hunting run
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