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Songkra Valley Sold

Discussion in 'Songkra Valley' started by chongpha, Jul 17, 2018.

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    Hello fellow Arkadians and guests from around the universe. I am pleased to announce that MeLoveYou LongTime FiveDolla and I have come to an agreement on the sale of Songkra Valley. The land area deed has been turned over to me. A new unique and very exciting event awaits: Songkra Valley Lucky 7's Hunting Event.

    Songkra Valley, named after the ancient city in the Shagadi region of Arkadia is a crown jewel of Planet Arkadia and quite possible the most beautiful land area in all of Entropia Universe. Don’t let your guard down though as you admire its vast landscape. This land area is filled with the large and freighting Mutated Beladoth along with, some may say, its close relative the Mutated Otorugi.

    Teleporter located at 32488, 26149.

    Do you dare to take a jog through Songkra Valley?

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