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My Gold Rush 5/7 experience

Discussion in 'Events' started by Lucky_A, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Lucky_A

    Lucky_A Member

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    as I know 100% I don't qualify for any prize, and just cause it so happens I tracked accurately my spending and returns in Gold Rush 5/7 instances, I'd like to share with the community, as I know there are many number loving crunching players out there :)

    So ... I did GR category 3 ...

    Used only melee (Songkra & Shagadi with melee amp VI) + tagger ...

    Number of instances : 11 Total hours : 22h

    Creatures killed : 2,203

    Damage inflicted (according instance report) : 4,864,000

    TT spent (Including armor, no fap was needed) : 16,895.86 PED

    TT return : 15.142.20 PED

    GR category 3 points acquired : 3,150 (had a 500, a couple of 100 and rest were small ones)

    Highest loot was a 275 pedder. Loot was usual TT stuff with only 2 items (guns of about 110% MU).

    Apparently one can say I took quite some loss : - 1,753.63 PED. However, if you put that into percentages related to the overall roll it comes down to 89.63% return :woot: ... quite inline with the 90% loot return theories, isn't it ? :cowboy:
    Yet the lack of MU makes that TT loss an actual loss ...

    Feel free to share your experience and returns ...:yoda:
  2. Sijtje

    Sijtje Member

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    I did GR 1, spend 20 hours farming about 500-550 magurg breeders per hour (10771 total kills).

    My returns were dreadful, 850ped loss, albeit 83% returns overall. I don't think I qualify either with 7147 points. I did not get any of the 1k or 5k point tokens.

    Personally, I did like the farming, I liked the evade rewards. The losses were partly due to overkill, and I agree with the MU on the loot. It's 'meh' at best. I don't think I will be participating in the next GR as the returns cannot be covered in cat.1 unless you get first place and sell the apartment instead of keeping it.
  3. the-unknown

    the-unknown Member

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    Similar to the Op, I got returns of almost 95% on Cat 2, but nevertheless, it was about 500-600 peds tt lost.

    More you cycle, the bigger the negative, even if it's only a small negative ....... lol. Barely any mu from the loot.
  4. Shamshe

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    I did GR3 Total ped spend 13k in the and the returns where -74 ped. So a profit with MU. I was hunting with Herman ASI TEN tier 10 full row accu enhancers. (I didn't calculate the enhancers into the price.). Overall It was a loss forme cause I crafted the hides and stuff into terxtures and lost bigtime on that. I managed to get 8.7k points in 11 runs so 22 hours. mobs killed each run was between 300-400. and I looted 1x1k point container. I'm not sure if i'm eligable for a prize since last month I would be in the top 3 witht these points, but I think a lot more people where hunting this time and actualy farmed untill they got some 5k's.
    It seems I did pretty well on the hunting side not so much crafting but at least I know I have an eco setup now to get these numbers without any realy high hits.
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