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Melee collection for sale

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Ardorj, Jul 3, 2020.

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    I've been playing for 15 some years now. Different game, different Ard playing it.
    Started as a small sweater and bought one of the swords from the Trade Terminal. Mêlée has always been my main proffession. My driving force. I loved hunting with swords, daggers and what not. I still do, yet I've come to accept the fact that I equally love hunting with MindForce and even guns as well.

    One VU something important changed. I can't remember when and wich it was, but some of you might. It was that time that the Sollomate Opalo got introduced. This also meant a change in the weapon available at the TT for us mêlée hunters. In stead of the Castorian Combat EnBlade-1, now the Castorian Combat EnBlade-A was for sale. Same shit, different story.
    Yet to me it meant something huge.
    I now had in my hands a weapon that no player could ever get again, except for trading that is.
    So I started to buy more swords. And daggers, and clubs, whips. My Mêlée Collection grew and grew. When I desposited I would set aside a small amount for my collection. At first I had a clear end goal: to owe all the mêlée weapons available in game. I have no idea how much there are at this moment, but my guess is that we used to have only 20% of what we have now. And that is without any and all (L) weapon!

    I have bought an appartment on Arkadia to store all the weapons that I have (Sanctuary Cove, left side 2nd floor). I am a perfectionist, so part of my desposits also went into repairing the weapons. And often not even those on display, but the ones I got locked away in a storage box.
    My Mêlée Collection has grown not only in the number of weapons I own. It also grew in how much pride I took from it.
    And it grew as a burden. A burden to sustain it, to add another weapon to it. A burden to remember where I put wich weapon. A burden to desposit to repair a weapon that I haven't touched in years.

    And therefore I will put (a part of) my Mêlée Collection for sale. I know that many items on this list are bad weapons. But maybe someone likes to own an old mêlée weapon with low dmg, terrible eco and that you'll max-out when you reach lvl 100?
    Leave a message here, or find me ingame. I'm on 3-4 evenings per week (Europe time), and sometimes during the weekend all day.

    Castorian Combat EnBlade-1, SGA Edition = sold
    Castorian Combat EnBlade-3 = sold
    Castorian Combat EnBlade-4 = sold
    Castorian Combat EnBlade-4 Mentor Edition = sold
    Castorian Combat EnBlade-5 = sold
    Castorian Combat EnBlade-6 = sold
    Castorian Combat EnBlade-7 = sold
    Castorian Combat EnBlade-8 = sold
    Castorian Combat EnBlade-9 = sold
    Castorian Combat EnBlade-10 = sold

    Castorian Combat EnBlade-10, SGA Edition = sold

    Castorian Combat EnBlade-12 = removed from the list atm

    Killian Sword
    Killian Sword G2
    Killian Longsword
    Killian Longsword G2
    Killian Longsword G3
    Killian Broadsword
    Killian Broadsword G2

    Laconian sword
    Philosopher's Sword
    S.I. Psy-Sword = sold

    Kilic Rex
    Ozpyn RLB S1X2 = sold

    RepEdge Battle Axe 1x0
    RepEdge Battle Axe 2x0

    Castorian Survival EnBlade-A = sold
    Castorian Survival EnBlade-1 = sold
    Castorian Survival EnBlade-1, SGA Edition = sold
    Castorian Survival EnBlade-2 = sold
    Castorian Survival EnBlade-3 = sold
    Castorian Survival EnBlade-5 Mentor Edition = sold
    Castorian Survival EnBlade-7 = sold

    ClericDagger 1A
    ClericDagger 1B
    ClericDagger 1C
    ClericDagger 2B
    ClericDagger 3A

    Ozpyn RSB S1X1
    S.I. Combat Knife = sold

    Castorian EnKnuckles-A = sold
    Castorian EnKnuckles-1 = sold
    Castorian EnKnuckles-2 = sold

    Mez-1 EnergyGlove
    Mir-1 EnergyGlove
    Mir-2 EnergyGlove
    Mux-1 EnergyGlove
    Mux-2 EnergyGlove

    Sollomate Crusho
    S.I. Psy-Blade = sold

    Clubs and Whips
    Castorian Combat Mace Mk. 1 = sold
    Castorian Combat Mace Mk. 2 = reserved
    Castorian Combat Mace Mk. 3 = sold

    Force Mace Assail = sold
    Thorifoid Battle Club

    Dominax Original Moccasin
    Dominax Original Boiga Adjusted = reserved

    Hook me up ingame or leave a message here.
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