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How to make money?

Discussion in 'General Economy Discussion' started by DaughterOfAnarchy, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. DaughterOfAnarchy

    DaughterOfAnarchy Active Member

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    Disclaimer: I know that this thread will offend some people and I want to apologize from the start; it is definitely not a trolling attempt or anything like that, but what I consider to be a very legit question.

    In all games I ever player (true, not RCE ones) there was one common principle - to progress you had to invest money, time or a combination between the two and the more time you was willing to put in, the lesser your money investment had to be. Now I do understand that this can't be true in a RCE game like EU, since (across the board) money going out will always be less than the money going in, which means that is almost impossible (maybe except the people with uber gear) to "beat the house" (as in have positive TT returns) and, if you are to make profit, said profit must come from other players. And yeah, while the most common way to make profit from other players is represented by smart hunting/mining/crafting (aiming for the markup) and selling with enough markup to compensate for your TT loses, personally I find that unreliable - I don't have the guts, I don't have the skills, I don't have the knowledge and, probably, I don't even have the brain to figure out how to do it properly.

    That leaves me with a single general option for making money (because, yeah, I do admit, I am here to make money out of EU) - providing a service that people will need. Now my honest question is what kind of such services there are around here which would allow me to "sell my time" in exchange of other people's money.

    There is of course sweating, which allows you to make up to 1 PED ($0.10) per hour. There is also fruit walking, which while rather volatile and not giving out any skills, allows yo to make up to 1.5 PED ($0.15) per hour. There is also the oil rig (or their RT/Cyrene/Toulan alternatives), where I honestly have no idea how much you can make per hour and how reliable they are since I never really tried them.

    Then there's of course some classic services like healing, support damage, cosmetics, but from what I've seen the market is saturated with people working only for skills, so there's not really room for making money out of them. There's also the taxi service, but that basically means taking money from people who are even more poor than you are (and couldn't afford a flying vehicle), and that's against my principles - as said, I'd rather take money from people that have plenty of them and just want to save some time, then from people who are in a ever worse situation than mine. There's also trading of course, but again, I don't have neither the guts, the heart, the mout or the brain of a trader... being able to predict market trends, being able to negoiate with people and talk them into buying or selling, taking advantage of a persons missfortune - all these are things I just can't do.

    So... again... any idea of any other low-level (unqualified) job where I can only invest my time (and not also requiring expensive money investments or top knowledge or analysis abilities) and manage to make more PEDs / money per hour than in the case of sweating (1 PED / hour), fruit walking (~1.5 PED / hour) or oil rigging?

    Any suggestion will be highly appreciated; please refrain for any trolling or "go get a RL job" references; thank you in advance!
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  2. Louise Ranavolana Brooks

    Louise Ranavolana Brooks Active Member

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    Well there is a way(s) but are you willing or able to pay the price.

    Game is like a Casino - and in the long run the house will always win. It does not matter how wasteful or skilfully you play, all you can control is the level of your losses. And they are not really losses, its the cost of playing an enjoyable game.
    MA is not a charity, they are a business whose aim is to make money for its owners.

    You may see huge HOFs, but I will bet those big winners have overall put money into the game - the "winnings" are a way to keep them playing & stop them falling into despair of always seeing their funds flow out.

    You can make peds by walking for fruit & getting sweat,
    however to make that meaningful you would have to do nothing else, and that would be as boring an existence as possible.
    Oil is a bit better - but you would have to hang around the oilfields all the time - doing nothing else. And you can bet that the "regulars" there cooperate to get most of the oil (there are various ways) & unless you are a "regular" you will get the leavings.

    There is a way to make money (and not by begging nor scamming like some scumbags do) - and that's off other players, by buying & selling - it is a service, but for it to work you would need to be aware all the time of changing prices & always, always looking for bargains.
    Some people like it & get very skilled at it and enjoy it. - personally I hate it, I have no skill nor inclination that way.

    I would say, do a bit of everything - walk for fruit, get oil & sweat, look for AH bargains - but don't let it get to the stage that here is like a job to you.

    You can even waste money if you can afford to waste it & enjoy doing so :)

    But like anything you have to pay for your fun
  3. mastermesh

    mastermesh Active Member

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