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Suggestion Hi I Have Some Suggestions Such As...

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by - JJ -, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. - JJ -

    - JJ - New Member

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    Hi Loving the game so far and I have some suggestions that I and hopefully others would like to see
    such as...
    a sweat bar either below or above the mobs health bar indicating that the mob is in deed sweatable, and roughly how much sweat the mob has remaining.
    also perhaps even a sound notification could be used when the mob no longer has sweat, this will come in handy especially if it has alot of sweat, and if on occasion im semi afk looking up other info related to the game etc while im waiting, and even wake me up if i doze, yes i bet its happened to alot of u also lol ;)
    also this sound notification could perhaps even be used for other things such as a audio warning that ur weapon or tool is about to break.
    and finally if possible if we were to mouse over say [Local], [System], [Rookie] etc when moused over these tags it would show the time and date that message was sent? i know there are timestamps already cos they show in the chat log text files.
    anyway these are just some of the ideas /suggestions I have hope u guys like them and that I have posted in the right place lol
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  2. krazykat

    krazykat Active Member

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    a sweat bar would also allow you to avoid the dry mobs that some people have a habit of leaving about.
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  3. mastermesh

    mastermesh Member

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    Make the chat customize GUI allow scrolling. If u load up every channel u know of only first page is able to be customized since others are below the game where u can't get to them
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  4. Slapper

    Slapper Member

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    You can get 1 sweat for every 1 hp a mob has. If you scan it with a life scanner and look at its stamina, you multiply that by 10 to get its hp. Or use the cheaper method of looking it up in our creature section http://arkadiaforum.com/threads/index-of-creatures-forum-links.12180/
    On Arkadia you can sweat virtually every thing except robots, mobs in the instances, Marburgs, Oratans and fish like Jori's and Pandi's.

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