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Important! Herman Industries - New and Renamed Weapons

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Cyrus, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Cyrus

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    In the light of recent adjustments to the skill requirements for each of its ARK, ASI, CAP and LAW firearms, Herman Industries has taken the time to reassess how its range of equipment fits with the playing styles and skill levels of the colonists of Arkadia.

    Historically, Herman has endeavoured to make the task of choosing the right weapon as simple as can be for its customers. For this reason, Herman has always included a number in its weapon naming that reflects the minimum required skill level.

    Swift and constructive colonist feedback has brought two issues to Herman's attention after the recent changes to minimum skill requirements for the various firearms:

    1. "Gaps" have emerged between skill requirements for the various weapons as a result of "stretching" them across a wider skill range.
    2. The numbers in the weapon names can now be somewhat confusing, particularly for a colonist new to Herman and/or Arkadia.

    After considering the above issues, Herman has decided to make a number of additions and adjustments to the ARK, ASI, CAP, LAW range of weapons.

    Note that no weapon stats will change. Changes to existing weapons are cosmetic only.

    Effective with the next Planet Partner Update 2013.1, the following changes will occur:

    • Twenty (20) new firearms will be introduced to Arkadia:
      • 4 x ARK
      • 6 x ASI
      • 5 x CAP
      • 5 x LAW
    • Unlike the existing Herman weapons, these new weapons will be manufactured only.
    • Each of the four unlimited Herman weapons currently available at the Trade Terminal will have their "8 R" or "99 R" suffix changed to "TT R", to signify "Trade Terminal" and "Repairable".
    • Every other ARK, ASI, CAP, LAW weapon will have the number in its name changed to the minimum skill requirement number. For example, the Herman ASI-40 Desert (L) now has a minimum skill requirement of level 42, so its new name is Herman ASI-42 Desert (L).
    • Item Descriptions for all ARK, ASI, CAP, LAW models will be updated to reflect the changes.
    • All relevant Blueprints will also have their names and Item Descriptions adjusted according to the changes.

    Please note:
    • No existing weapon stats will change. Changes to existing weapons are cosmetic only.
    • The standard, Desert, Arctic and Jungle namings and conventions have been retained, and applied to the new weapons as well. As before, "Desert" is given to weapons with a longer range, "Arctic" is for those with a higher damage per shot, and "Jungle" is for more rapid fire, closer range combat. This continues to be reflected in the Item Descriptions.
    • Item Descriptions will still show the next and preceding weapon in the relevant class, but the text has been given more clarity. For example, in the case of an ASI Arctic weapon, "Next Model:" now says "Next ASI Arctic Model:".

    Following is a list of the entire ARK, ASI, CAP and LAW ranges as of the next Planet Partner Update 2013.1, showing the existing and new names.

    All NEW weapons are listed in red bold.

    [TABLE="width: 480"]


    Arkadia Rifle Kit (ARK)

    Herman ARK-8 R
    Herman ARK-TT R

    Herman ARK-10 (L)
    Herman ARK-20 (L)
    Herman ARK-30 (L)
    Herman ARK-40 (L)
    Herman ARK-50 (L)
    Herman ARK-0 (L)
    Herman ARK-11 (L)
    Herman ARK-16 (L)
    Herman ARK-27 (L)
    Herman ARK-41 (L)
    Herman ARK-46 (L)
    Herman ARK-65 (L)

    Herman ARK-10 Desert (L)
    Herman ARK-20 Desert (L)
    Herman ARK-30 Desert (L)
    Herman ARK-40 Desert (L)
    Herman ARK-50 Desert (L)
    Herman ARK-5 Desert (L)
    Herman ARK-21 Desert (L)
    Herman ARK-31 Desert (L)
    Herman ARK-34 Desert (L)
    Herman ARK-54 Desert (L)
    Herman ARK-70 Desert (L)

    Herman ARK-10 Jungle (L)
    Herman ARK-20 Jungle (L)
    Herman ARK-30 Jungle (L)
    Herman ARK-40 Jungle (L)
    Herman ARK-50 Jungle (L)
    Herman ARK-6 Jungle (L)
    Herman ARK-23 Jungle (L)
    Herman ARK-38 Jungle (L)
    Herman ARK-55 Jungle (L)
    Herman ARK-60 Jungle (L)
    Herman ARK-77 Jungle (L)

    Herman ARK-10 Arctic (L)
    Herman ARK-20 Arctic (L)
    Herman ARK-30 Arctic (L)
    Herman ARK-40 Arctic (L)
    Herman ARK-50 Arctic (L)
    Herman ARK-6 Arctic (L)
    Herman ARK-22 Arctic (L)
    Herman ARK-36 Arctic (L)
    Herman ARK-50 Arctic (L)
    Herman ARK-75 Arctic (L)

    Arkadia Standard Issue (ASI)

    Herman ASI-8 R
    Herman ASI-TT R

    Herman ASI-10 (L)
    Herman ASI-20 (L)
    Herman ASI-30 (L)
    Herman ASI-40 (L)
    Herman ASI-50 (L)
    Herman ASI-0 (L)
    Herman ASI-11 (L)
    Herman ASI-24 (L)
    Herman ASI-37 (L)
    Herman ASI-63 (L)

    Herman ASI-10 Desert (L)
    Herman ASI-20 Desert (L)
    Herman ASI-30 Desert (L)
    Herman ASI-40 Desert (L)
    Herman ASI-50 Desert (L)
    Herman ASI-7 Desert (L)
    Herman ASI-21 Desert (L)
    Herman ASI-32 Desert (L)
    Herman ASI-42 Desert (L)
    Herman ASI-48 Desert (L)
    Herman ASI-53 Desert (L)
    Herman ASI-58 Desert (L)

    Herman ASI-70 Desert (L)

    Herman ASI-10 Jungle (L)
    Herman ASI-20 Jungle (L)
    Herman ASI-30 Jungle (L)
    Herman ASI-40 Jungle (L)
    Herman ASI-50 Jungle (L)
    Herman ASI-7 Jungle (L)
    Herman ASI-21 Jungle (L)
    Herman ASI-33 Jungle (L)
    Herman ASI-44 Jungle (L)
    Herman ASI-72 Jungle (L)

    Herman ASI-10 Arctic (L)
    Herman ASI-20 Arctic (L)
    Herman ASI-30 Arctic (L)
    Herman ASI-40 Arctic (L)
    Herman ASI-50 Arctic (L)
    Herman ASI-5 Arctic (L)
    Herman ASI-7 Arctic (L)
    Herman ASI-16 Arctic (L)
    Herman ASI-21 Arctic (L)
    Herman ASI-27 Arctic (L)
    Herman ASI-33 Arctic (L)
    Herman ASI-44 Arctic (L)
    Herman ASI-72 Arctic (L)

    Combat Assault Pistol (CAP)

    Herman CAP-99 R
    Herman CAP-TT R

    Herman CAP-101
    Herman CAP-202 (L)
    Herman CAP-303 (L)
    Herman CAP-404 (L)
    Herman CAP-505 (L)
    Herman CAP-0 (L)
    Herman CAP-12 (L)
    Herman CAP-35 (L)
    Herman CAP-37 (L)
    Herman CAP-48 (L)
    Herman CAP-52 (L)

    Herman CAP-56 (L)

    Herman CAP-101 Desert (L)
    Herman CAP-202 Desert (L)
    Herman CAP-303 Desert (L)
    Herman CAP-404 Desert (L)
    Herman CAP-505 Desert (L)
    Herman CAP-4 Desert (L)
    Herman CAP-7 Desert (L)
    Herman CAP-20 Desert (L)
    Herman CAP-32 Desert (L)
    Herman CAP-40 Desert (L)
    Herman CAP-43 Desert (L)
    Herman CAP-62 Desert (L)

    Herman CAP-101 Jungle (L)
    Herman CAP-202 Jungle (L)
    Herman CAP-303 Jungle (L)
    Herman CAP-404 Jungle (L)
    Herman CAP-505 Jungle (L)
    Herman CAP-7 Jungle (L)
    Herman CAP-21 Jungle (L)
    Herman CAP-34 Jungle (L)
    Herman CAP-45 Jungle (L)
    Herman CAP-64 Jungle (L)

    Herman CAP-101 Arctic (L)
    Herman CAP-202 Arctic (L)
    Herman CAP-303 Arctic (L)
    Herman CAP-404 Arctic (L)
    Herman CAP-505 Arctic (L)
    Herman CAP-7 Arctic (L)
    Herman CAP-22 Arctic (L)
    Herman CAP-28 Arctic (L)
    Herman CAP-33 Arctic (L)
    Herman CAP-44 Arctic (L)
    Herman CAP-65 Arctic (L)

    Laser Assault Weapon (LAW)

    Herman LAW-99 R
    Herman LAW-TT R

    Herman LAW-101 (L)
    Herman LAW-202 (L)
    Herman LAW-303 (L)
    Herman LAW-404 (L)
    Herman LAW-505 (L)
    Herman LAW-0 (L)
    Herman LAW-10 (L)
    Herman LAW-13 (L)
    Herman LAW-27 (L)
    Herman LAW-32 (L)
    Herman LAW-50 (L)
    Herman LAW-66 (L)

    Herman LAW-101 Desert (L)
    Herman LAW-202 Desert (L)
    Herman LAW-303 Desert (L)
    Herman LAW-404 Desert (L)
    Herman LAW-505 Desert (L)
    Herman LAW-5 Desert (L)
    Herman LAW-21 Desert (L)
    Herman LAW-42 Desert (L)
    Herman LAW-56 Desert (L)
    Herman LAW-71 Desert (L)

    Herman LAW-101 Jungle (L)
    Herman LAW-202 Jungle (L)
    Herman LAW-303 Jungle (L)
    Herman LAW-404 Jungle (L)
    Herman LAW-505 Jungle (L)
    Herman LAW-6 Jungle (L)
    Herman LAW-23 Jungle (L)
    Herman LAW-46 Jungle (L)
    Herman LAW-51 Jungle (L)
    Herman LAW-60 Jungle (L)
    Herman LAW-77 Jungle (L)

    Herman LAW-101 Arctic (L)
    Herman LAW-202 Arctic (L)
    Herman LAW-303 Arctic (L)
    Herman LAW-404 Arctic (L)
    Herman LAW-505 Arctic (L)
    Herman LAW-5 Arctic (L)
    Herman LAW-16 Arctic (L)
    Herman LAW-22 Arctic (L)
    Herman LAW-37 Arctic (L)
    Herman LAW-44 Arctic (L)
    Herman LAW-58 Arctic (L)
    Herman LAW-75 Arctic (L)

    For consistency, Smuggler CAP and LAW weapons will also have the final digit dropped from their number. So 101, 202, 303, 404 and 505 are changed to 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 respectively.
  2. In Love With

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    as those numbers match skill requirements you guys are so much ahead of Caly's crappy system ... Nicely done in my book !!

  3. Mordrell

    Mordrell Active Member Pro Users

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    This is quite brilliant :D good job A-team... nice to have usefull weapon names
  4. Calin

    Calin Member

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    So much ahead of Caly's crappy system in pretty much everything imo. :)
  5. KikkiJikki

    KikkiJikki Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    Thanks for the advance notice.

    I'm going to have to redesign my shop layouts though.
  6. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Active Member

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    Very nice!! I can now start using more Arkadian weapons again!! :dribble:
  7. In Love With

    In Love With Member

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    yeah, make sure you drop em often enough ... No point having most weapons at 150% or even more imo :)
  8. Nevyn

    Nevyn New Member

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    Nice one! This will make life a lot easier. Great job ;)
  9. Kitten

    Kitten Adviser Pro Users Arkadia Adviser

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    thats just great wow thank you!
  10. Boardian Chilix

    Boardian Chilix Active Member Pro Users

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    thanxs for notice
    shouldnt the cap-303 be Cap-25 instead of 35?
  11. Cyborg Bill

    Cyborg Bill Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    Always great to see that SOMEONE within the development of the Entropia Universe is smarter then the inannimate objcts they work with. Unlike the proprietors of this cluster fuck called the Entropia Universe have made it into in recent years.
  12. Few Scars

    Few Scars Administrator Staff Member PAF Administrator Arkadia Adviser

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    Great work, must easier for players to work out what they need. Looks like some very cool BPs will be dropping. The Ark-55 Jungle sounds awesome, never seen an Ark-77 however?
  13. Neil

    Neil Adviser Pro Users Arkadia Adviser

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    Is there any way you could change the names to reflect the maxed skill level, since that would be more helpful than the minimum skill level? If it's minimum, we always have to do the mental arithmetic to add 5 levels... why not just name them with the maxed level in the first place?

    And naming them with the learning period start level compounds the problem of trying to explain to newer players why "recommended level" is not the level I recommend using the gun at.
  14. Raven Lunchbox

    Raven Lunchbox Adviser Arkadia Adviser

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    i agree with neil above maxed being represented would be better but maybe too late.

    I just hope THEY actually drop.

    When will the big combat faps drop?

    i noticed ark 70 was not in red but it didnt exist before. why isnt it in red if its not new then does that mean it will drop in loot or crafted?
  15. JustinStarry

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    Ark economy is SAVED :D

    Thanks A-Team OMG :D
  16. Neil

    Neil Adviser Pro Users Arkadia Adviser

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    David said there is still time to change the naming scheme, so if anyone has other ideas to make the naming scheme better, feel free to share them.

    Another idea that was given is to use the interval, for instance Herman LAW 10/15. But probably not the best system for the decimal ones like Herman ARK-17.3/22.3 Arctic.

    Simpler is always better, easier to remember is better, and they should be easy to search for in auction and on entropedia etc.
  17. Snape

    Snape Master of the BanHammer Staff Member PAF Administrator

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    My guess would be that it's one of the existing ones that has been renamed, not one of the newly introduced models.....but that's just a pure guess on my part and could be completely wrong....
  18. Puck

    Puck Adviser Pro Users Arkadia Adviser

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    Great update, A-Team!

    Looking forward to seeing the stats on the gap weapons.
  19. Cyborg Bill

    Cyborg Bill Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    Neil the lower number in nameing is simply a psychological considderation in the nameing structure. If people see a lower number they are more apt to be excited they are closer to achieving a higher ability. If the numbes are set to when they could acually use the item Then that makes it a longer reach thus not exciting the player but disheartening them.

    It really dont matter anyway as it has NEVER been truth between what MA says you can use any L item at and when you actually can be effective when using it. Just because you max the stats by any means when using things in EU does it EVER equate to being efffective with it.
  20. ElbryanWolf

    ElbryanWolf Member

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    I'd stick with the naming scheme Ark Team came up with. It easy, simple, findable on auction and if the players need more info to compare or to make sure they can use it properly, they just need to check the item's description or double check the stats on Entropedia.

    As Cyborg Bill was stating, even if you're maxed out on a gun and "theoretically" you can use it to it's max capacity, by no means does that equate to being completly effective with it. I still have creatures evade my attacks and I don't always get the maximum damage out of the damage bracket. So even if they change the naming system to show the "usefull" level of usage, it won't necessarly help the newcommers more than what they are trying to do.

    Cheers and keep up the good work A-Team