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Goodbye Entropia Universe...

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Franki, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. Franki

    Franki Member

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    Three years ago I met entropia universe ... three years of constant struggle, knowledge, fun but also bitterness, rancor and despair.

    There are friends like Francisco Conde, Josegaltor, Xavier riquelme, Titos, Icco, Limpia, Nostrabola, Danka soul, Eileko and others ... there are moments like the day that I was finally able to make my Viceroy armor ... moments like the day I got my Dropship after a year killing orattans in arkadia, there are still moments like my only HOF of 956 peds ... moments that will be lost like tears in the raindrops ...

    Because this is the moment of my farewell ... in these moments, one day ago I asked MA to eliminate my account and that of my wife forever, MA has done it and we no longer exist in this universe ...

    No doubt we are late ... we arrived at a stage in which it does not compensate the expense with the obtained, at a time when there is not as much communication as it once seemed, at a time when the medium-low player must spend a lot to be able to locate and keep with the minimum contributions of money ... Or simply, we could not see how to do it, we did not know ... the fact is that Entropia Universe has become untenable for us, being only a well of frustration instead of the fun that should be ...

    I hope everyone goes well, that my friends here continue to raise skills and earn money, that MA continues to make a game that is fun again, that is not a machine to squeeze money ...

    And for all those who, the first or second year, do not see how to move forward without losing a lot of money or many hours of sleep, sometimes a withdrawal on time is a victory ...

    I'm not a coward, I like to finish what I start, it's just that when you do not see a future in an activity, it's best to leave it even if it hurts, and it hurts ... a lot ...

    Goodbye, Entropia Universe ...
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  2. Granny Rowan

    Granny Rowan Active Member

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    Sorry to hear it has not worked out for you and Bastet, Wish you both well in life and hope you can both find a game you both like and have fun :)
  3. Captain Crunch

    Captain Crunch Member

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    Sry to hear that you has quit the game. Wish you a great time outside from EU