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GMC loot table seems seriously broken!

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Sub-Zero, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. Sub-Zero

    Sub-Zero Member

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    I just finished my run. 3.1k ped on small GMC (a few bigger ones were killed too).

    And had the worst run I ever had in my 13 years playing this game.
    TT Return: -999 (68.25%).

    You guys need to check their lootable something feels totally broken.

    My gear: Strong claw + Trauma 7 + perf ares and Arso 3 Ten Tier 6. (around 130 dps total).

    Either their loot table is completely broken, or you guys got way too damn greedy. I think combination of both is more likely.

    For now, i will blacklist Arkadia Moon from any further hunting for me. Which is quite a shame, I really enjoyed hunting them.
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  2. Andreas Bubba Mayhem

    Andreas Bubba Mayhem New Member

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    to small of a number on that mob, keep it up and you will see better.