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Don't Take Your Gun to Town Son, Leave Your Gun at Home

Discussion in 'PvP' started by Louise Ranavolana Brooks, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. Louise Ranavolana Brooks

    Louise Ranavolana Brooks Active Member

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    I was sitting on the deck of one of those Space Ships parked high over Repulse Firebase. I had to fly up and check.

    Wouldn't it have been cool to have been able to land in it & there were facilities, no matter how rudimentary.

    Sadly its just eye candy, only a shell.

    I was back in Arkadia for a while to grind away at my Dropship Reward Mission, day by day, one Prospector at a time.

    Eventually I will get there (am halfway through Menances).

    I am also buying welding wire & associated stuff.

    Because what at I am mainly doing now is crewing in space - steady repairing to support my crafting ambitions. And I am having success, Blueprint Comprehension & associated skills are rising rapidly.

    But, what I have found is a rock that I have lifted & looked underneath.

    I am making this thread, not out of bitterness, or anger, or any emotion really - but utter seriousness.

    And I am making this thread here because Arkadia Forums seem to be civilised. (contrast behaviours on Arkadian & Calypso Oil Rig (s) – yes one is closed)

    And from the benefit of my experience I would like to give some advice to players who haven’t ventured there yet – Space, stay out of it, its toxic.

    By all means use Mother Ships for secure interplanetary transport. Climb aboard with your stackables, log off, don’t log on again till you have checked outside of the game that you are safe at your destination, TT ship to Space Station, pay the fee and TT direct to planet.

    This is necessary because even MS can be destroyed by Pirates, and they will camp on the scene just in case any player logs on before the damaged ship appears back at the nearest SS.

    But if you want to sign on as a crewmember to skill up, take care.

    I signed up with a ship I was later told that apparently had a “bad reputation” (though who allocates reputation and the status of those who do is a moot point).

    Apparently my ship has had the label “Pirate Ship” slapped on it and one of the actions against such a ship is to attack anybody who crews for that ship. For actions that may have been done in the past.

    The logic as explained? too me is that crew members who repair the ship so enable the pilots of the ship to skill up and become more skilled in their dastardliness and so better to attack other peace loving ships etc. Those crew deserve to be attacked & looted by anti-pirates (the Antifa of Space I guess)

    Seems like the concept of Total War against combatants & non combatants alike. Also identified crew members were to be targeted forever after & not allowed aboard the MS of the opposition.

    I started a thread in Caly forums querying this attitude – I was surprised at the bitterness & fanatically held views on this topic that appeared in response.

    I am surprised (no I am not, its totally in character) by the sustained trolling on in game chat by pirates & others.

    I am not going to go into the rights & wrongs etc of all this Drama.

    The whole purpose of this post is to warn people to be aware before they sign up for anything.

    It may be your thing – get involved, troll & pew pew your hearts out.

    It really is not mine. I reached VSE L25 & have pilots rights now – I am involved because I feel I have to be now, but I intend to not post anything more about this on any forum & to use the ignore button for all its worth.

    The game is fun & should be played that way. And for what its worth, I was told by a pirate that there are many cool & interesting things in space (not the blood & loot of innocent people I hope)

    Eventually I will be back on Arkadia – I just wish there were some crafting missions here

    Oh and yes, I have weaponised my Quad - to make it that much harder to destroy - problem with a gun though, once you have one, there is the tendency to use it
  2. OZtwo

    OZtwo Active Member

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    Yes off and on throughout the years between reminding David of my missing Cape I have bright this up..even made a YouTube Video of it long ago to send to David. These would be great homes plus, game isn't setup for it, but be kind of cool if we could control where they park on Arkadia. But yes just now thought about losing ones home location but still the idea. :)

    (Sorry YouTube got to my video and MUTED IT!)
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  3. Dove

    Dove Active Member

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    I think these ships would serve well as roomed soc halls, perhaps reward or sell them to socs ?