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Discussion in 'Entropia Release Notes' started by ArkadiaBot, Jun 26, 2017.

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    Developer Notes #12 - Loot 2.0 Follow-Up

    This installment of Developer Notes attempts to clear up some of the questions and misconceptions related to the Version Update 15.15.0 - Loot 2.0.

    Economy Parameter (soon to be renamed Efficiency)

    One of the most misunderstood features of Loot 2.0 was the introduction of the Economy parameter and its effect on loot calculations. Based on feedback received via support cases and our monitoring of forum discussions, it appears that one cause of confusion is the use of the term ‘Economy’ for this parameter. As such, the Economy parameter will be renamed to Efficiency in the upcoming patch, which more accurately captures the effect of this parameter. Also in the upcoming patch, the tooltip text for the Efficiency parameter will be changed to the following:

    Efficiency indicates the cost-effectiveness of a weapon (or weapon attachment) in creating damage. Efficiency values range from 1-100, and higher values indicate better efficiency. Efficiency is an inherent property of an item, and thus is not affected by avatar skills. Weapons that have scopes, lasers or amplifiers attached will display a modified Efficiency value (in orange).

    A few additional points about Efficiency parameter will hopefully clear up many of the questions and dispel some of the more common misconceptions that we have noticed:

    • The Efficiency parameter is not affected by avatar skills.
    • The largest components by far in loot value calculations are costs, such as weapon deterioration, ammo consumption, armor deterioration, healing costs, etc.
    • The Efficiency parameter is a relatively small component in loot calculations (no more than 7% of total loot value).
    • The displayed Efficiency parameter for a given weapon does not correspond to expected overall loot return.

    Optimal Loot

    Another feature of Loot 2.0 that has sparked lots of discussion and speculation is Optimal Loot.

    It is important to note that Optimal Loot only affects loot composition (what you loot), not the loot value (how much you loot). There is no Optimal Loot penalty for hunting creatures that are well below your avatar’s level; in fact most such kills will meet the requirements for Optimal Loot composition.

    To best achieve Optimal Loot:

    • Be sure to have the Hit Ability and Damage profession requirements maxed (10.0/10.0) on the weapon your avatar is using.
    • Avoid over-amping (using a weapon amplifier that adds more than 50% of the maximum damage of the weapon to which it is equipped).
    • Minimize healing costs and the need to interrupt damage dealing to heal.

    In general, the lower the cost to kill a creature, the higher the proportion of loot composition will be Optimal Loot. There is no inherent “kill timer” for each creature; Optimal Loot is calculated based on costs, not on time.

    Crafting, Resources and Economy

    MindArk is working on restructuring and streamlining the item situation in Entropia Universe. This involves many changes to the crafting system and loot distribution, with the goal of reducing the number of components, resources and similar items in the universe, to ensure that the majority of items have a place within the economy.

    The balance between looted and crafted items, along with items from other sources such as events, competitions, strongboxes, etc., will be improved to strike a better balance.

    New blueprints will use existing components and resources as much as possible to sustain a thriving and interdependent economy between crafting, mining and hunting.

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  2. Dan59

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    This is not Loot 2.0 feature, this rules was always on - from beginning or from time when MA introduced -
    - HA and CA -we didn't have it in beginning, we even didn't know that one have to be level 100 to max it
    - Nerfed al faps with new rule - you heal only 1/4 of fap capacity when moving
    - Nerfed all amps with new rule - you cant add amp witch add more than 50% of weapon max damage

    Those are all old features existed before Loot 2.0

    We had before Loot 2.0 500 to 1000 successful players with established piramid in loot formula.
    Those with top gear - in whole EU we have about 100 imk2, few hundreds mod mercs, few hundred mod faps, few hundred top armors.
    For example it is easy to minimize healing cost with mod fap as click on it cost 1 pec for 160 hp.

    Those 1000 top geared players usually looted top items witch rest of player base have to buy or to continue to get average loot.
    Somewhere or somehow in time piramid was broken - be it with waves or maybe with L weapons.
    So Loot 2.0 just reestablish old piramide scheme where 1000 players can loot in 50 ped loot an decayed mod fap or an decayed mod merc or other top item because their top gear have at least 7% more chance from rest of player base who will loot 50 ped of crapnel.
    I hope I'm wrong.
  3. Ian "Darc Bartonaire"

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    I seem to think that's the way loot is working now, ive done the oratan daily a few times since loot 2.0 and not seen a single hide or melee amp in loot. those used to be common place loots. I think ur right and it seems to be unless u are hunting with a "good" efficiency weapon with over 70%, u wont have a chance at looting anything more than tt food. all I have looted is oils and shrap :( I use the desert mk2 herman upgrade so the dpp is over 2.9. what dpp is needed to actually loot something other ? Update, just finished another oratan daily and this time got a few material extractors :)
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  4. the-unknown

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    It sounds to me that those who have super efficient setups (as in spent a bunch of money to get that gear) will have up to 7% chance more of getting higher mu loot. TT value is not changed, it's the rarity of drops (higher mu for rarer drops) is affected, I think.

    That mean you do not get pay out for using a scope / laser on your gun to make it more eco (in terms of tt), but you increase the chance of higher mu stuff dropping.