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Controlled mob events: Suggestions wanted!

Discussion in 'Community Events' started by Neil, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. Neil

    Neil Adviser Pro Users Arkadia Adviser

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    Hi everyone, if you haven't heard yet, the A-team now has the ability to take the form of any mob and control it. I wanted to collect ideas for different kinds of events they could have using these mobs. Be creative! Crazy and impractical ideas welcome.

    Some basic info I've been able to collect/deduce about these mobs:
    1. the Ark devs can pic any mob
    2. they can pick the location to spawn it (doesn't have to be where that mob normally spawns)
    3. the mob name has a mouse pointer symbol after it, denoting it is a user-controlled mob
    4. so far the mob appears to have all the same stats and attacks as a normal mob, though controlled directly by the user (same running speed, turning speed, attack rate, etc)
    5. they do not have the instant tracking that normal mobs have, so you can actually evade their attacks (it's more like PVP if it's an agile mob)
    6. the mobs can be shared loot or regular
    7. they appear as a normal red mob dot on radar
    8. they can't use chat while in mob form
    9. they can't attack real mobs, and don't agro them either
    10. they can't choose custom titles, so you won't see any new mob names unless they really are a special event only mob they made
    11. they can see players on their radar

    Random questions I still have:
    1. can they use flying mobs (eg. feran) and if so, how high can they fly?
    2. can they use mobs from other planets?
  2. BB Global

    BB Global Member

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    1. Gallard Chase 2.0 - Catch him if you can.

    2. Where's Oratan? Mixed Oratan Spawn with one dev controlled Oratan.

    3. Carp Control with Jori Dev-alignin - Follow Jori Dev-alignin as he illustrates the popular hangouts of the local pest Jori, be careful not to shoot him or he turns into the new ocean mob.

    4. Street Carps with Jori Devalignin. - An unreachable milestone

    5. Charity Donations with No-looter Huon.

    6. Dev plays: ninja-oweko (provider maturity only)
  3. Sub-Zero

    Sub-Zero Member

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    Meh, how about a big gigantic gallard (as big as atrox queen), but first need to fix the invisibility bug.
  4. krazykat

    krazykat Active Member

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    Mix in user controlled Oratan in the Oratan events - they can concentrate on those avatars who stand on the walkway to shoot. :)
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  5. Snape

    Snape Master of the BanHammer Staff Member PAF Administrator

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    Oh that is a BRILLIANT idea! +rep :D