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BIG Industries PLA Expands to Arkadia

Discussion in 'Songkra Valley' started by atomicstorm, Jun 18, 2014.

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    Repost from Merculus:

    You may have heard of the BIG Rewards program where you earn reward points redeemable for in game and real life prizes for all of your globals on BIG Industries lands. Maybe you've seen or participated in our regularly scheduled Overcharged weekly grinder events? Well... with the 9 land areas BIG currently owns, we started talking with some other folks here in EU to find a way to give you more ways to win and more ways to earn reward points.

    Beginning July 1st 2014, the BIG PLA expansion will commence. For our initial trial phase PLA's(Partner Land Areas) will be included just as all BIG Lands are in the following programs:

    BIG Rewards
    Overcharged Weekly Grinder
    BIG League (Beginning July 1st, a monthly progressive tournament that pays out based on globals of all lands involved.

    To clarify, what this means is you will be able to hunt on any of the land areas that we've partnered with and compete in our weekly/monthly events, and obtain BIG Reward points.

    We will be accepting more partners in the future providing their land area brings either a unique MOB, or a drastically different maturity than currently available in the BIG PLA Program.

    BIG Currently owns and runs these programs on the following land Area's:
    OLA#01 Traeskeron Stalker
    OLA#07 Atrax Young
    OLA#18 Primordial Longu Stalker/Marauder
    OLA#26 Allophyl Young/Molisk Scout (will be active on next VU when name changes in game)
    OLA#42 West Atrox Old/Provider
    OLA#42 East Argonaut Young/Old
    OLA#42 North Ambulimax Young
    OLA#48 Nexnecis Young/ Allophyl Stalker
    OLA#49 Rextelum

    Participating PLA's (As of July 1st 2014):
    OLA#08 Formidon
    OLA#54 Proteron
    OLA#51 Osseocollum Young
    OLA#25 Osseocollum Old Alpha

    ArkLA# 6 Mutated Beledoth Old-Stalker / Ubo Mature-Old Alpha / Halix Old Alpha
    8 Coins Scoria All Maturities / Teladon All Maturities

    We are in the process of adding detailed mob information and locations for all PLA's to the BIG Rewards plugin for your convenience. I will keep this thread updated with information relative to the BIG PLA agreements. We continue to contact other LA owners to expand options to all the hunters and miners of the Entropia Universe.


    Source: http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?262753-BIG-Industries-PLA-Expansion

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