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Thread: Planet Arkadia Update 2012.1 (31st Jan 2012)

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    Planet Arkadia Update 2012.1 (31st Jan 2012)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The Arkadia Colonial Administration (ACA) has been acting for some time on the need for clear guidance to be given to new colonists on Planet Arkadia.

    After creating the Arkadia Adviser program, Celeste Quarry and the surrounding area was landscaped as a place for new
    arrivals to learn in a safe environment.

    The ACA has now cooperated with a number of organisations to extend the new colonist experience much further.

    Existing colonists are invited to visit the exquisite new location northwest of Resolute Firebase where new
    arrivals will begin in future, at the coordinates 30180, 18040. Speaking to the Barman in the Arrival Lounge there will begin the ACA missions.

    The journey that follows will reveal an array of new items including the first Arkadian vehicle, and involves groups such as the Imperial Federal Navy (IFN), the Archaeological Society, Herman Industries, Lorika Tek and IFN Medical.
    Important Note on the Underground Area

    The underground area is not yet available, we strongly recommend not downloading it as there is no advantage doing so prior to its release - you will still need to download the final content when it is released at a later date.

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    New Content

    • Arkadia Colonial Administration (ACA) mission series for new colonists. Talk to the Barman at 30180, 18040 to begin the mission chain.
    • Exploration Hoverpod (L) - Beginner level Hoverpod, a single person vehicle capable of travelling on both land and water.
    • New Trainer versions of various items are introduced in the ACA missions.
    • New buildings and landscaping at various locations across the southeast of the continent of Sentosa, including a well-appointed path from Resolute Firebase to Celeste Harbour.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    8 Coins Changes

    The 8 Coins area has undergone a major overhaul with numerous terrain and layout changes. Key Changes are:

    • 8 Coins Headquarters has been moved to a new central location and the old HQ demolished. The demolition also destroyed much of the canyon the old HQ was contained within.
    • The 8 Coins Town in the NE has been demolished and replaced with a mining operation.
    • Teladon have migrated eastwards and the Teladon Camp has relocated with them.
    • A Scoria Camp has been setup to monitor Scoria activities around the entry to their cave system.
    • Defiant Firebase Academy has been demolished and its Teleporter repurposed for use in the new Scoria Camp. If you had the Academy TP, you will now have the Scoria TP.
    • Defiant Firebase has been rebuilt in the east of the area to protect the central plains.
    • A number of Carabok escaped when the Academy was destroyed and those are now present in the fields near Defiant Firebase along with a group of Oro.
    • Windy Islands has been renamed to Windy Isles.

    Resource locations have not changed.

    If you log in after the update and find yourself in an unexpected position please use the “Teleport to nearest revival” command (default: T) to move to the nearest revival and teleporter.

    Issues Fixed

    • Various floating objects grounded.
    • Ramp issues with some bridges fixed.
    • Fixed spacing issue in GYRO FAP-2 Text Description.

    General Changes

    • MAKO Trainer (L) can no longer be traded.
    • More Ore Resources will now spawn in the center of the continent.
    • The Academy mission chain will no longer start by arriving at an Academy, you can still start it via the Information Desk.
    • Resolute Firebase Academy and its teleporter has been removed.
    • The Bokol and Halix groups south of Resolute Firebase appear to have been a little put off by all the modifications to their habitat, and have moved somewhat west.
    • Suffering from the same issue, the Ostelok in the area appear to have moved eastward.
    • Never to miss a good opportunity to nibble the ankles of new colonists, Carabok seem to have sensed the new opening in habitat, moving into the area vacated by the Bokol.

    Known Issues

    • The 8 Coins area map looks different to the rest of the planet and the maps of the areas around Resolute Firebase and Celeste Harbour have not been updated.
    • There is a texture issue with the Hoverpod that did not appear during testing.
    • Stage 5 of various IFN Challenge missions are currently unavailable.
    • Estate Terminals show the wrong colour when set to private.
    • Weapon sounds can vary from shot to shot on some weapons.
    • Limited Blueprint Book cannot be coloured or textured.
    • Some types of eyewear can appear outside or on top of the Armour Helmet.
    • Skin from some face/head shapes can be seen when wearing Armour Helmet.
    • Televators in buildings may link to the building next door in rare cases.
    • Feran are afraid of getting too close to the ground.
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    Level 5 missions ?
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    I am out of words nearly. Those views are stunningly beautiful!!! My regards to the devs for a great job done!

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    Blown Away!

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    wow this looks awesome! Just landed on Arkadia to check this out. ^^

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    This is a great beginners mission. Look forward to exploring more
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    2. Carapace Boots Blueprints
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    Where is the halfpipe tracks so we can start having Arkadian Pod X-Games?

    Love the pod ...


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    great update keep the vehicles coming too

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    Quote Originally Posted by AttacKat View Post
    Where is the halfpipe tracks so we can start having Arkadian Pod X-Games?

    Love the pod ...

    the loopdy loop race track on NI is something that does seem kinda fun. I wish we could make like an almost natural occuring one for doing races and stunts and stuff.

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    Oh man the images look awesome I can't wait to see the new content tonight after I am done with work.
    -- K-Max --
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