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- JJ -
Aug 19, 2017
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    Avatar Name:
    [weeeeeeeLittle JJ killerOfWhatever]
    Out Of This World
    Hi ;] I am that strange and wacky er... entity known as .. JJ lol ...
    ( full avatar name [weeeeeeeLittle JJ killerOfWhatever] )...

    JJ... what is JJ like? what is she about etc?
    well, JJ,... just like all of us she has good and evil in her, but in her case it is quite literal as she is believed to be part angel, part demon, hiding her demon horns with cute adorable bunny ears so as not to frighten people away, this suits the demonic side of JJ just fine as she likes her prey to not even see her coming ;] lol
    ofc such an abomination was not welcome in heaven nor hell, not even earth, so was sent to a different universe entirely lol

    however those that have met JJ know she is nice most of the time, helpful and friendly ..even in pvp
    as she has even healed and shared oil with players she has just killed at arkadia oil rig lol

    most of the time players she does not know will only be killed once in pvp unless they give her reason to keep killing them lol

    from the very beginning she has always been honest, and warned people that she does have a evil side to her who loves to be bad, troll, and kill whatever, literally, just like the last part of her avatar name says lol but her favorite prey in particular is especially humans, and very much enjoys toying with her prey and making them rage and cry ;] lol

    fortunately this side does not show very often, just now and then to calm her blood lust lol
    what side of JJ players see depends mostly on how they behave, or where they are at the time,
    tho chances are if u are in pvp beware evil JJ could take over at any time and kill .. even friends are not safe as some have found out lol ..JJ has no boss, does her own thing, and fears no1 nor death ;]
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