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    Have you ever dreamed that your storefront was fully customized to reflect the personality of your business?

    Arkadia Studios is now making available an opportunity to do just that!
    by Published on 03-20-2013 12:24
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    Arkadia Studios partners with GUNAR Optiks to create Virtual Gaming Eyewear.

    Arkadia Studios and GUNNAR Optiks have partnered to bring a real world piece of gaming equipment to life in the virtual world. A 3D version of GUNNAR's Vayper Onyx will be available to colonists on Planet Arkadia from today, after the release of Planet Arkadia Update 2013.1.1. Additionally, colonists will be able to purchase a certificate for the real life version directly from the Arkoin Broker.

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    The Arkadian Colonial Administration (ACA) is proud to present the first two of six private island estates.

    The result of substantial land reclamation near to the coast of Sentosa, the first two estates have been constructed with a Desert theme. In due course, the ACA plans to introduce two Arctic islands and two Jungle islands.

    Of the two released Desert islands, the first is currently for sale from the Arkoin Broker located at the IFN Supply Depot.

    Published on 03-13-2013 08:50
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    Alice O’Locklan stood at the edge of the broken balcony, looking at the pool far below. Water sprayed from cracks in the walls, casting shifting shadows across the giant statue. Even though scans showed that this chamber had not seen use for many years she felt uneasy. She didn’t fear an attack but had always hated being cut off from the sky. However, she was an IFN Commando and led the best scouts on Arkadia, so she was used to venturing into places that made her uncomfortable.
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    Congratulations to the Arkadian triathletes who gave their all for this competition. Here are the winners!

    1st Place
    dutch fluske mooren (87 Points)
    Chronicle Harness TEN Edition (F) + Armor Plating Mark. 10B (L) TEN Edition

    Read more
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    In the light of recent adjustments to the skill requirements for each of its ARK, ASI, CAP and LAW firearms, Herman Industries has taken the time to reassess how its range of equipment fits with the playing styles and skill levels of the colonists of Arkadia. Read more

    From now until February 12th, purchase item points for your shops and apartments (shop booths not included) and you will get 10 per cent more item points, absolutely free!

    For further information about purchasing item points, see this thread.

    When your order is processed, you'll automatically get 10 per cent more item points.

    The change in item points will be reflected in the next planet partner update, due late February.

    Here's wishing all our Chinese counterparts and their families a Happy Lunar New year!
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    Dear Arkadians,

    The long awaited new-avatar system is here! To celebrate this milestone, Arkadia Forum is giving away 3 Forum Gold Memberships to the avatars who look most like their creators!

    How to win:

    Simply customize your avatar using the new avatar system, to look as much like your real life self as possible, and submit pics to prove what you've done. Arkadia Studios will carefully study the pics to determine the winners!

    Top 3 "Look alikes" will win a Gold membership each.
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    Dear participants,

    After 24 days of carnage on the Riptors, we are proud to present to you, the winners of the Riptor Rampage 2012. A very big thank you to you for making this event such a great success. We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we do.

    For a larger image of the winners' list, please click here.

    *Please note,
    (a) First place winners in Category A and B in all blocks:
    (i) You'll need to choose one of the two choices of weapons available.
    (ii) Kindly private message Cyrus | Arkadia on arkadiaforum.com with your choice by the 26th of January 2013.
    (iii) Arrange a time and date to meet in-game to collect your prizes.

    (b) Winners in Category C in all blocks:
    (i) You'll need to private message Cyrus | Arkadia on arkadiaforum.com the time and date to meet up in-game to collect your prizes.

    (c) MindArk will only spawn the Neurobiotic booster prizes to an avatar's inventory. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    (d) I will wait until I know which choice of prizes everybody wants before I can proceed to give out the prizes. The sooner the winners above make their choice known to me, the sooner everyone can get their prizes. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Cyrus Chen
    Arkadia | Community Relations Manager
    by Published on 12-24-2012 08:16

    Arkadia Studios wishes all Arkadians a very Merry Christmas, wherever you are in the universe!

    While we are happy to have spent the last 12 months working to make Arkadia a better place, we are even happier that we have an incredibly supportive community of colonists!

    We really appreciate your ongoing feedback and patience with everything we do, partly because it makes our job much more enjoyable and satisfying, and partly because it means the end result is a better Arkadia!

    We hope to continue into the new year with more great content, and we look forward to sharing it with you, our friends, customers, colonists and supporters.

    To the Planet Arkadia Forum moderation team, you guys have made a big difference to how our community operates. The notorious ban-hammer-wielding Snape and admin guru vantastic are well supported by stalwarts like Larkin and TimUnleashed. Lee DeLioncourt, thank you for your passion and commitment while you were a mod. A big welcome to Jenny Ferr, the newest member of the team. We know they'll be making you feel right at home, and continuing to make Arkadia Forum a great place to hang out.

    To the Arkadian Colonial Administration, it's been a nice, solid year of administrating. You keep it up there. Good work, and Merry Christmas!

    To Commodore Harvir and all those at the IFN, we salute you and thank you for making sure our planet is safe to live on!

    To Eric the IFN Christmas Elf, thank you for making sure all the IFN soldiers at the Firebases are kept fed and happy while they're away from their families this Christmas, and thank you for our Elf hats! Merry Christmas!

    Christmas time is a good time to sit down and review the year, and to think about the next one.

    Here is a list of the more important upgrades to life as an Arkadian, that have happened during calendar year 3009 (as the story goes!).

    • Introduction of an extensive new player experience
    • New creatures (apart from those discovered in the instances):
      • Gallard
      • Riptor
      • Nusul
      • Oratan Slasher
      • Oratan Lancer
      • Reconstruction of Kadra, Teladon and Kamaldon

    • Chris | Arkadia!
    • Introduction of Treasure Hunting
    • Kai Tero's uncovering of the instances that lay beyond the jaws of the Riptor near the ruins of the ancient city of Aakas
    • Some important discoveries of ancient artefacts and clues to Arkadia's history, as well as ancient weapons and armour
    • Discovery of ancient energy signature technology that has allowed colonist production of instance keys
    • Arkadia Gold Rush, and annual event like no other, with heaps of amazing prizes!
    • Introduction of the Media Centre at the IFN Supply Depot
    • Introduction of the Racetrack near Formidable Firebase Academy, complete with viewing gallery
    • Release of a full range of clothing and furniture
    • Oratan wave spawns at Oratan Camps around Sentosa
    • Introduction of ACA Challenge missions
    • Release of Herman Industries' RAW and SIR rifle series
    • Improvements to the terrain around Celeste Quarry
    • Introduction of the Arkadian Adviser program by the Arkadian Colonial Administration (ACA)
    • Discovery of the Eron Soul long range crossbow series

    Speaking of the future, there's not too much we can release just yet, but we do plan to keep our colonists as informed as we can about what's happening.

    Herman Industries plans to release some more weapons to fill in the "SIB gaps" that emerged recently when SIB changes were made to the existing range, but we can't say more just at the moment. Watch this space though!

    To all our loyal supporters everywhere in the world, Arkadia Studios wishes you a very merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and hopes you are enjoying Riptor Rampage! We plan for 2013 to be even better!
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    Interested in Smuggler weapons and FAPs?

    Got the Riptor IFN Challenge open?

    Eric the IFN Christmas Elf is giving away more than just Christmas Presents this year.

    He's also got some serious prizes for Riptor hunting!

    Click here for full event details.
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    Singapore – 26th November 2012
    Arkadia Studios today announced a strategic partnership with Asia’s premier e-payment provider, MOL – Money Online. This follows the recent announcement from Entropia Universe platform provider MindArk PE AB, of its introduction of MOL as a payment provider.

    ‘We are very excited to have MOL as an Entropia Universe payment provider,’ says Arkadia Studios CEO David Dobson. ‘This enables MOL to move ahead with its plans to promote Planet Arkadia in Singapore and across Asia to its tens of millions of customers – people who already pay to play games online.’
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    Dear participants of the Gold Rush Warrior, Prospector and Industrialist 2012, thank you for supporting this event for the past two months. We had a total of 39,481 entries (individual global events) for these Gold Rush events and only 3 will emerge victorious, each winning an Alienware X51 Desktop.

    Chris has set up a random generator to pick the event winners to ensure that it's fair for all participants (as long as they abide by the rules of the event).

    I'm happy to present to you the winners for the following events:

    Gold Rush Warrior 2012 - Shaman Wizard Legend
    Entry 8454 (2012-09-20, 15:33:55) with a PED value of 55.89

    Gold Rush Prospector 2012 - Michael Baks Bakke
    Entry 4742 (2012-10-24, 16:07:54) with a PED value of 75.70

    Gold Rush Industrialist 2012 - Anunaki Mithra Skarpnes
    Entry 3707 (2012-09-11, 20:59:56) with a PED value of 196.39

    For those who didn't manage to win this time round, I hope you've enjoyed the events at a minimum. Do look forward to our future events and of course, the Gold Rush 2013. Your participation and continued support of Planet Arkadia is very much appreciated.

    Cyrus Chen
    Arkadia | Community Relations Manager

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