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    Smuggler Hostilities

    sounds like fun

    anthonymorris Today, 14:39 Go to last post
    the Prophet

    Buying Ark apartment

    about what price are these apartments sold for?

    the Prophet Today, 14:17 Go to last post

    KikkiJikki Needs to Buy Stuff

    If that's all you get from the region then yes But with the other stuff you get it's the lowest MU region on the planet.

    Neil Today, 14:07 Go to last post

    KikkiJikki Needs to Buy Stuff

    Last I checked, MU on quil was around 120, erdo around 130. That's not good enough to mine for?

    KikkiJikki Today, 14:05 Go to last post

    KikkiJikki Needs to Buy Stuff

    I think dianthus has been dropping less all over, not just ark, but the main reason you see shortages on dianthus, quil and erdo is that the eastern desert

    Neil Today, 13:53 Go to last post
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    I left the ideas about a land area behind. Seems like its not so worthwhile any longer. After withdrawing most of my previusly invested peds Im now back to mining arkadia and have been doing so a few...

    Klod 07-27-2014 16:33

    Arkadian Log Entry #3

    Date : July 26rd, 3011.
    Location : Planet Arkadia.

    Last Wednesday I had my weekly radio broadcast, and had great fun! I made a hunting team with 3 other colonists, two of which I was already...

    Lizzy 07-26-2014 09:54

    Arkadian Log Entry #2

    Date : July 23rd, 3011.
    Location : Planet Arkadia, N/W of Dauntless Firebase Academy.

    For those that have kept an eye on the news, Lootius has been smiling down on me during my Bokol hunts. After...

    Lizzy 07-22-2014 22:24

    The Recruit

    I have met this colonist not too long ago. He and many others were sent to this solar system to aid in the ongoing battles. Mr. Muis is his name, and for a few months he was stationed on Planet...

    Lizzy 07-18-2014 18:52

    Arkadia Log #1

    Date : July 15th, 3011.
    Location : Arkadia Underground.

    It has been a few months that I have last set foot on Planet Arkadia, let alone in Arkadia Underground.

    Yesterday I heard that the...

    Lizzy 07-15-2014 08:32
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